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An Interview with Melissa Ferrick

The L Stop: Your career has been quite expansive and impressive, but let’s start with a little early info. You were raised on the east coast in Ipswich MA–Great people come out of this town. Full disclosure, I’d like to point out that you and I have a connection here as my ancestors were some […]

Midsommarfest and the Out Rock Stage: A celebration of LGBTQA musicians

This weekend, June 8/9, kicks off our season of pride with the return of Midsommarfest in the northern neighborhood of Andersonville. This celebration of diversity, now in it’s 48th year, is always a fan favourite as it marks the beginning of summer and brings a heavy dose of entertainment, shopping, and all-around good time after […]

The Intriguing Life of a Leather Vixen—Meet Nadia Oussenko

In this small-world community of ours, we often hear the same names being mentioned over and over without really knowing the backstory of a person. In this case, I’m hoping to change that and improve your world just a little bit. Nadia Oussenko is a face you may recognize, but her contribution to the arts […]

Our Favorite Celesbian Moms

The lilacs are blossoming and magnolias blooming, giving way to appreciation of the cycle of life and the beauty of nature. It’s not surprising that this season of rebirth is when we celebrate the most glorious women in the world…Mothers. Whether our own or other’s, we should take a moment to appreciate the hard work […]

Center on Halsted: Double duty benefits on May 5th!

As most of you know (or, should know by now) our EPIC 2-Year Anniversary party is going to kick off this Sunday, May 5th at the Center on Halsted. They are kindly hosting our raucous shindig, complete with dancing ladies and casino games, as a budding partnership grows between us. But this isn’t the only […]

Equality for All? Fear in the Queer Community

My mother, the life long champion for those amongst us who are underrepresented or disenfranchised or under served, asked me a seemingly harmless question while dropping me off the other day that lit a flame inside of me. She asked how our community views bisexuals and if they are seen as equals or accepted. My […]

HRC Her Presents: Va-Va-Vaudeville —Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is!

It’s no surprise to most of you that 2013 is already promising to be an epic year in the march for civil rights. Our very own state of Illinois has a marriage equality bill on the floor, the Supreme Court is hearing not one but two landmark cases centered around LGBTQ discrimination, immigration reform is […]

Cutest Queer Couple Contest

Hey there homos, do you get stopped walking down the street and get told how ADORABLE you and your partner are? Do you go out and people fawn over your matching haircuts or exact opposite styles? Are you absolutely the cutest couple you know? Well, then let the world see it! We are once again […]

Civil Unions V. Marriage

It’s the turning of the tides here in Illinois, as new legislation has been put to a vote introducing a marriage equality act into our fair state. Sponsored by Sen. Heather Steans and Rep. Greg Harris, the bill hopes to have Illinois become the 10 th member of our union to offer same-sex marriage to […]

Just Don’t Call Them ‘Calendar Girls’

If you’re like, well, the rest of the women-loving-women clan then the idea of a group of gorgeous, fit women running around and touching each other does something warm inside of you. Now, take that thought and multiply it by 100 and replace “touch” with “forcibly slam into” and you have an inkling of the […]