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Laugh, give back, and win!

Do all that and more this Monday, April 7th, at The Laugh Factory in Chicago! LA and New York’s hit comedy event Don’t Tell My Mother! is making its Chicago debut to support the IMPACT LGBT Health and Development Program at Northwestern University. IMPACT, directed by Dr. Brian Mustanski, conducts research to improve the health […]

The LGBT Community and Addiction: There is Hope at New Hope

Did you know that the LGBT population is at a higher risk for addiction? This risk begins in adolescence where LGB youth have been found to be two to five times more likely to use alcohol and drugs when compared to heterosexual youth. Unfortunately, this trend continues into adulthood. Research has found that queer women […]

Be a Part of Invisible Femmes: Our Stories!

Today marks the two year anniversary of one of the most read articles on The L Stop, Invisible Femmes.  If you haven’t read it yet, check it out!  Then make sure to come back here and find out how you can share your story for the upcoming book Invisible Femmes: Our Stories.  First, let me […]

Are You Caught Up on Season One of Easy Abby?

If you haven’t yet watched the hottest new lesbian web series, Easy Abby, start watching below and get hooked!  We’ve all fallen for Abby as she stumbled through the series hooking up and avoiding finding love at all costs, but what will the finale bring for our new favorite lesbian character?  If you can’t wait […]

Out and Proud After 30

Coming out is a unique process for everyone.  Some people know they are queer from a very young age and have the “born this way” feeling, while others go through a much more gradual self-realization. Sometimes this development of self takes one all the way into their 30s, 40s, or even 50s and up. I […]

TED Talks: Marriage Equality, Gender, and Vaginas

Most of us have heard about TED talks, but how many of us have actually been able to attend one? Here is a compilation of some inspiring and entertaining TED talks that will get you thinking. From gender to marriage, to bullying and the “gay agenda,” take a break and sit back and enjoy some […]

We Are Not Cookie Cutter Couples!

It’s February, the month of love! And love leads to romantic dates, and romantic dates lead to engagements, and engagements lead to weddings! Whether you’re on the path to getting married, just like to daydream about that special day, or love to capture such moments in timeless photography, you must check out the newly released […]

The Human Rights Campaign: Friend or Foe

When the subject of The Human Rights Campaign comes up among lesbians I often hear ENDA, rights, marriage, transgender, and the debate commences. Many people and organizations in the LGBTQ community are very supportive of HRC and the work they do, while others shut down at the mere reference to the organization citing the 2007 […]

What Would You Do?

I just read a “diary entry” about a gay man’s experience on a flight right after the election parties started to be cleaned up and the deep sighs of relief of lesbians and gays were felt across the country. We won! We don’t have to fear that over the next four years all of the […]

HRC Awards Ally Jennifer Beals

Jennifer Beals will be in town THIS SATURDAY!  Yes the actress who brought the sexy, strong Bette Porter to life will be at the annual Human Rights Campaign’s Gala Dinner and Silent Auction this Saturday, October 20th at the Fairmont Hotel!  HRC is proud to present Jennifer Beals with the Ally for Equality Award for […]