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Bridget McManus Interview

We Chicago Ladies are lucky to have a fantastic celesbian squad at pride this year. Of the many comedians that will be there is the very talented very funny Bridget McManus. Now you may be asking yourself, What brings Bridget to Chicago? Why is she doing Pride here rather than in her homeland of California? […]

An interview with Ky Dickens

Best known for her humorous and insightful LGBT documentary Fish out of Water, director Ky Dickens, has recently completed a new project that, while not as comical, is just as original and thought provoking. Her newest documentary Sole Survivor tells the story of the fourteen people all united by a shocking life experience – each […]

Why are you playing the Pronoun Game

For those who have not seen Chasing Amy, the pronoun game refers to when someone is avoiding gender specific details about their relationship, such as he/she, him/her, hers/his pronouns, in conversations with other people, tacitly avoiding the reveal of sexuality. The problem is, grammar and good rhetoric standards begin to fail you, as your language […]

My Crockpot Valentine

I’ve never had a valentine on the Saint’s Day itself. But this year, on February 16th, a classmate turned friend turned crush became my valentine. If only she were in town two days before, my valentine-free Valentine’s Day curse would have been lifted! I met Karyn a little over a year ago, in an English […]

I Hate Tommy Finch Review

I Hate Tommy Finch is the lesbian answer to Beaches, but it is inarguably better because it has good acting, neither character dies at the end, and the much hotter actresses make out. This play turned web series masterfully captures the milestones of an old friendship — the secrets that bond two girls, the loyalty […]

The Aggresbian

Any time I am at a lesbian bar, I feel that British voice from the Animal Kingdom documentaries should be narrating the evening. It’s because there is species of lesbian – Homo non-erectus persistantus, I think it’s called, or the Aggresbian – that is hyper territorial of certain targets, regardless of their relation to one […]

Ex Factor – Episode II: The Grudge Bearing Ex

The cinematic masterpiece Fatal Attraction has taught us a number of things. Firstly, never keep a rabbit in your kitchen. Secondly, when it comes to relationships, there is no such thing as a clean break. This example may have anticipated the wrong tone for this story, but it makes my point: just because you are […]

My accidental dates (with dudes!)- When Hetero-normative Situations Get Ugly

It would be naive and grossly inaccurate to deny that, because the majority of the human population adheres to a heterosexual lifestyle, that one is generally assumed straight until he or she verifies otherwise. I was well aware of this fact long before I even came out.  But it was until this year that I […]

The Ex Factor: Lesbians and their Exes

I was reading the blog  “Stuff Lesbians Like” and one of the posts was “Being friends with their exes.”  I didn’t want to agree with this, especially since the post painted this lesbian trend  in a comically negative light, but then I realized the validity. I have been on speaking terms with all of my […]

The Audience: When Guys Find Lesbians Entertaining

I’m sure many of you fellow lesbians have experienced the same if not similar experience. The other night I was on a second date with a girl.  She waited with me at the train stop at the end of the evening. We kissed. We, then, noticed that there was a middle-aged gentlemen, standing four feet […]