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Top 10 Reasons Why Being Single Is NOT Pathetic or even Bad

I’ve only been single a short while compared to the years I’ve been in committed relationships. Fortunately, I’m way over the depressing “boohoo I’m alone and lonely” phase and very much into the “hey, this ain’t so bad” part. I’m not saying that one is better than the other. All I’m suggesting is that one […]

An Interview with Sapna Kumar

Sapna Kumar life’s experiences as an immigrant that went from Bombay India to the cultural epicenter that is the state of Indiana serve as an infinite and delicious source of material for this hilarious and sassy lesbian. In her act, she talks about her immigrant parents, their whimsical quips & attempts to understand and raise […]

Interview with Ted Allen: Chopped, Queer Eye, and Garden of Eve

This Friday, September 14th the Howard Brown Health Center will be having their annual Garden of Eve Gala at the River East Center. The host for the VIP reception is Ted Allen, well-known author, chef and host of the Food Network’s show “Chopped.” Ted Allen, quite frankly, was a surprise to me…a pleasant one. Although I’ve […]

Community Spotlight: Kat Fitzgerald

Today marks a very sad day for our LGBTQ community and quite frankly all of Chicago. Our social events most certainly will not be as bright due to the absence of the familiar and lovely face of our own Kat Fitzgerald. One thing is for certain, we’re not going to look nearly as fabulous in our photos […]

I’ll take a one way ticket to Lala Land please

Roll your eyes; call me a fool, a sucker, a hopeless romantic or even a bit weird. But I’m gonna admit something few people know. I have saved voice messages on my cell phone from a number of women who I was involved with over the past 5 years. The time I spent with them […]

New Year’s Resolutions

I’ve been struggling with the concept of the New Year’s resolution lately. It’s haunting me. This, in itself, clearly says something to me. The tradition is to work toward self-improvement at the beginning of every year. To improve the quality of life should mean a good thing, shouldn’t it? Therefore, it should instill a feeling […]

How do I come out to my traditional Latino Family?

How do I come out to my traditional Latino family? Alma’s Answer: WOW does THIS hit home! I’m not going to say that coming out to a traditional Latino family is any more difficult than coming out to other non-Latino families. However, I would venture to say that it is extremely difficult for so many […]

Should I take back an ex after 6 years?

If, after 6 years, you still think of a key ex in your past, and the opportunity arises, should you take it? Alma’s Answer: Let me tell you a little story…a true story that immediately came to mind when I read this question. During one of my trips on the “R Family Vacation” cruises, I […]

Why do women date women that know each other too well?

Why do women date women that know each other too well? Why do they not choose to date people who are not connected in the scene?!! Then after all of this you’re in a room full of ex girlfriends …         Alma’s Answer: Although it may be difficult to accept, the answer […]