Oscars 2015: Where is the fabulousness?


By: Erika Star

It’s award season and, after a number of noticeably more subdued award shows (see: boring), many questioned, “why all the yawn-inducing performances?” “WHERE IS THE FABULOUSNESS?” If the Grammys couldn’t bring it, if Kanye’s antics were met with nothing more than a resounding eye roll, it seems futile to hold out hope for the notoriously more buttoned-up Oscars. Especially when, compared to last few years, there is a stark lack of diversity within this year’s nominees. Not that the Oscars are known for representing the 99%, but this year’s nominees skew exceptionally, ahem, white, male and straight. I mean, even the Golden Globes nominated the film Pride and Selma’s Ava Marie DuVernay, making her the first black female director to be nominated for a Golden Globe Award. And while Netflix and Amazon are seeing a queer uptick with Transparent and Orange is the New Black, and Ellen Degeneres and Liz Feldman are hitting primetime with One Big Happy, 2014 theaters saw fewer queer stories, actors or directors. The kids weren’t alright, there was no Brokeback Mountain, no reason to hate watch Jared Leto, and we’re still left hoping for the elusive QPOC fronted anything.


Last year, thanks to Twitter, I remember being tipsy from doing a shot every time a queer person crossed the red carpet. This year might be the year to give the ol’ liver a rest. But all is not lost, keep the champagne on call, here are a few things we have to look forward to.

The most obviously fabulous thing about this year’s Oscar ceremony is that it’s the second consecutive being hosted by an openly gay celebrity. My little gay heart is so looking forward to host Neil Patrick Harris’ opening musical sequence, written by Oscar-winning Frozen songwriting team Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez.

I’m willing to let go of the dream of Ellen hosting everything. Instead, I’m perfectly content with Ellen posting selfies of her and Portia from the comfort of their own home. Even in their sweats, I’m sure they can still crash Twitter.

Newly engaged and forever queer Lady Gaga is slated to perform. No word on if she’ll wear broccoli or Popples or something ridiculous, but here’s hoping I’ll be blinded by her bling from my couch.

Did you know that Tegan and Sara sang an Oscar nominated song this year, ironically called, “Everything is Awesome.” The pop version, featured in the end credits of The Lego Movie, was created in collaboration with The Lonely Island, a comedy group that includes ultimate man-crush, Andy Samberg. Confused? Just know that everything IS awesome because the leaders of the lez world will be PERFORMING ON THE OSCARS. If I squint, Samberg looks like the hottest lesbian ever and I am dying to know what T & S will wear on stage. I’m already dreaming of the menswear event of the year! If you didn’t have feelings for the Oscars before, you should have them now. Conflicting, confusing feelings but feelings nonetheless.

Speaking of feelings, the only person who can out do how gorgeous Lupita Nyong’o looked at last year’s ceremony, is Lupita Nyong’o as a presenter at this year’s ceremony. The rest of this year’s presenters? Meh. Holding out for SURPRISE PRINCE.

The Imitation Game has a double meaning in that gay WWII hero Alan Turing, played by Benedict Cumberbatch, was both on the forefront of intelligent computing and a man who had to obscure his sexuality for his job security, eventually being convicted under the UK’s anti-gay law. His sentence being expunged in 2013 after the law was repealed and the movie have helped generate awareness and a petition to pardon the estimated 49,000 men who were also sentenced. Powerful stuff and well worth a win.

Seventeen-time nominated Oscar-darling and LGBT favorite, Meryl Streep, is nominated for Best Supporting Actress for Into the Woods, directed by Rob Marshall and produced by his husband John DeLuca while Julianne Moore is nominated for Still Alice, directed by partners Richard Glatzer and Wash Westmoreland.

And while this year’s performances and performers where memorable, two of this year’s nominees are going to have an even gayer 2015. Moore will play Laurel Hester in Freeheld, the gay New Jersey police officer who famously fought to secure her pension benefits and, after transforming himself into Stephen Hawking for The Theory of Everything, Eddie Redmayne is set to star in The Danish Girl, a biopic of Einar Wegener, the Danish painter and transgender woman who was one of the first ever people to undergo sex reassignment surgery.

Get pumped! It’s not like you’ll want to go out in the cold anyway. Grab snacks and the cats and follow along with us on Twitter @ theLstop_Chi for all your LGBT Oscar moments. Snapping selfies of yourself wearing your Tegan and Sara t-shirts is not required but highly encouraged.

About the Author:

Erika Star – After graduating from Columbia College, or more colloquially, where you go when your parents let you dress yourself at a young age, Erika spent time living in nearly every part of the US, Portland, LA, Chicago, repeat. She’s written for, and but her most prestigious job-title was KJ at Portland’s very much missed lesbian bar, the ERoom. She’s now “just a writer” who takes an obscene amount of trips to the kitchen for snacks and has regular conversations with her corgi. Also know that she lifted this bio from her OkCupid profile so she’s obviously living in the cold open of a romantic comedy. 

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