#GetCovered with Howard Brown Health Center and AIDS Foundation of Chicago

Howard Brown #GetCovered
Need health care, but missed out enrolling earlier this year?

No worries, the Health Insurance Marketplace reopened on November 15 and Get Covered Illinois, Howard Brown Health Center and AIDS Foundation of Chicago are here to help.

This Saturday, December 13, at 4025 N. Sheridan Road from 1-5pm, staff members from all three organizations will help find the best plan for you.

Kristin Keglovitz Baker, Chief Operating Officer for Howard Brown Health Center, told The L-Stop that while participants can enroll in a plan that day, they can also expect to be educated about the Health Insurance Marketplace in general, which let’s face it, is incredibly confusing for a lot of people.

“The websites and process can be tedious and daunting for a consumer and this event gives people the opportunity to sit one on one with a skilled, trained enroller that can help them enroll in Medicaid, navigate the health insurance marketplace, and explore the best plan that will fit their healthcare needs,” she said.

Interested in attending?

Keglovitz Baker asks that you bring the following: Social security numbers for everyone being enrolled; full names and birthdates; proof of Illinois residency; and employer and income information such as a check stub or W-2 form. From there the counselors will work with you to find health coverage that works with you and fits into your budget.



In the end, the key is to get as many people linked to coverage as possible, which is incredibly important for our community given the numerous barriers we face to enrolling into health care and the higher health disparities we tend to encounter.

“LGBTQ women have higher rates of cancer, depression, substance abuse, plus they are less engaged in LGBTQ competent healthcare. So by helping the community get better access to the affordable and quality health care they deserve, we can help reduce these disparities and strengthen the health and lives of our community.”

Sounds like a win-win to us.

Don’t forget, the marketplace closes on Feb 15, 2015! Learn more about the Enrollment Event here.

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