Back Lot Bash celebrates 11 years


When I first began to walk down the streets of Lesbianville – I was searching the internet for anything I could find that had anything to do with groups of like minded women gathering in one place. I wanted to get out of the burbs and make myself some amazing memories in the city. And one day – I found what I was looking for. BACK LOT BASH is about to kick off its 11th woman’s festival that has evolved into a 4 day LGBTQ social extravaganza – and that is only the beginning. Every year I look forward to the sights and sounds of Back Lot – when Andersonville comes alive and embraces us all over PRIDE weekend. This is when I know summer has actually begun in Chicago!

This year the line up is outstanding – from comedy night on Thursday the 26th with Lea DeLaria (Big Boo on Orange is the New Black) and hosted by Sapna Kumar. Doors open at 6pm – this event is sure to sell out and has been the perfect way to kick of the Bash. Friday night is the acoustic evening and kicks off at 5pm. Love this night – lesbians at sunset lounging in comfy chairs and having real Raviniaesque moments in the heart of Andersonville. Look for Crystal Bowersox to rock your world with her stunning voice and prolific songs – this night is hosted by the wonderful Kat Fitzgerald. Saturday rolls around and from 11 until 2 it is Back Lot Baby and Family Day.


Fun activities and award winning children’s musician Laura Doherty and the Heartbeats will perform with Jackie Rada and Alli Lynn. Once those families head out the gates will open at 4pm for Back Lot Bash’s flagship event with Your Villain My Hero. Look for Hunter Valentine, Xoe Wise and Little Queens to set the stage for an amazing night of music. Lauren Russell from the Real L Word will be your host for the evening. June 29th is the PRIDE parade – and what better way to celebrate post parade than heading up to Andersonville for an outdoor party like no other. This year we get to hang out with Kate Moenning – who starred as SHANE in Showtime’s Original Series ‘The L Word’. The girls from UH HUH HER are back for more – Leisha Hailey and Camila Grey will be in town for a special appearance!! Look for performances by GirlBand and beats by DJ Press Play. Back Lot Bash 2014 promises to be an experience you WILL NOT FORGET!! For me – summer in Chicago and PRIDE weekend just would not be the same without some time spent at Back Lot. Tickets are still available – get yours before they are gone!!

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