The L Stop’s Fun Fall Favorites

We hope you all love fall as much as we do! If so you’re in luck! The staff here at The L Stop compiled a list of some of our favorite autumn things. Unfortunately, we aren’t Oprah so we can’t buy them for you all, but we will help you enjoy our favorite things by providing you with exciting links to this season’s must-haves. Read, enjoy, and start your fall fun planning!


I love that first day of the year when you smell fall in the air and feel the crisp leaves under your feet. One of my most favorite things is to go hiking at Matthiessen State Park. The views there are amazing with beautiful fall colors in the trees and waterfalls along the trails. I also go to County Line Orchard every year with my family to pick apples, buy fresh candy apples, apple butter, and warm apple and pumpkin donuts. Everything is freshly made and so delicious! And during the fall I just can’t get enough pumpkin everything: pumpkin chai, pumpkin pie, pumpkin candles, pumpkin dip, pumpkin blizzards, pumpkin ravioli, YUM!


I like to go anywhere to see the colors change; my favorite places are Door County and Saugatuck, but only due to proximity. I’d like to spend part of an autumn in the Rockies and also in the Northeast. It is also my favorite time of year to take outdoor photos. The sun is coming to us at a different angle now that the Earth has tilted a bit, and that seems to just make them extremely vibrant, without blowing them out as with summer sun. Autumn nights are perfect for a glass of wine by the chiminea, alone or with someone; for this is a time of reflection. I like to take stock of the year, wondering what I will reap from all that I sowed earlier; consider what to strive for in the coming year. This is also literal in that I like to prepare my yard for the winter. My rhododendron must have lots of water, you see. I like to celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends because it is a holiday for everyone, irrespective of beliefs. It is also fun to have “fatty-on-the-couch” days with friends, watching football. I am not a big fan but I enjoy watching the true fans watch their teams play (yes, I pretend to be the casual observer). Thankfully, the flops can be put away and we don’t have to see pedicures for a while. I’m not talking pretty nails here but, you know, the ones that need attention.


I actually hate the fall – but I do try to make the best of it, considering that 1) pumpkins are abundant and 2) my favorite holiday is thanksgiving. Maximizing on soups is certainly a way I make it through. Additionally, I go on pumpkin overload! I don’t really like sweet stuff, so I turn to the more savory pumpkin delights, such as pumpkin soup and pumpkin ravioli. When I am craving something sweeter, it’s either pumpkin crème brule or pumpkin ice cream. You can typically find pumpkin scented candles burning in my house, along with…what else…an open pumpkin beer!


I love anything pumpkin, including carving inappropriate messages in them. I’m obsessed with carving, also leaf piles and dipping candy apples, and then jumping in more leaf piles. Growing up we always went to Morton Arboretum to walk through the trees, decorate pumpkins, go on scavenger hunts, and dip our own candy apples. We’re so crazy lucky, because this city does not just shine in one season. It’s beautiful and designed to experience them all. A lot of Chicagoans, both transplant and native, don’t know that we have amazing forest preserves all along our borders and an abundance of wildlife. Go for a walk, pack a thermos of (spiked) apple cider, and read a ridiculously lengthy book.


Layering! I love dressing up in the fall and wearing lots of layers. Once the temperature drops I look forward to busting out all of my long sleeve shirts, scarves, beanies, and jackets.


This girl misses the autumns in New York – the fall colors just seemed to hang around so much longer than they do here in the Midwest. And even though I am a summer girl from beginning to end and back again, I do love the cooler nights October promises…..the thick man sweaters that I wrap myself inside of and the walks I manage through the forest preserves near my home. The air seems cleaner, crisper, more intentional – and the sound of firecracker colored dried out leaves under my chunky boy boots soothes me to the core. There are the apple pie shots from Christine at Parlour , the smell of fresh cider and hot pumpkin donuts, and the last of the long rides on my Harley through the kaleidoscopic colors of fall that forge a memory strong and deep and somehow hold me until the thaw April is sure to bring. I guess I like the outdoor adventures the days of autumn invite – as I pray for Indian Summer days and a gentle winter season.


Fall puts me in the mood for red wine, roasted root veggies, and delicious hot pie!


I love the North Park Village Nature Center’s annual Harvest Fest! I try not to miss it! It’s so much fun! You can build your own scarecrow, make corn dollies, go for a hike, drink apple cider, shop with vendors…tons of fun for adults and kiddos!!!


I love All Season Orchard in Woodstock, IL. There is so much to do there from apple picking to pig races and a corn maze! Make sure you come hungry to enjoy all of the food there also!


I love driving through Michigan during the fall looking at all the pretty leaves, mulled apple cider, hay rides, mazes, apple picking, and burning leaves.


I love apples and pears. Hoosier Mama’s pear pies are so yummy!


My fall favorite is pumpkin beer! If you haven’t already checked out The L Stop’s pumpkin beer review make sure not to miss it!

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