Center on Halsted: Double duty benefits on May 5th!

SpringFeverAs most of you know (or, should know by now) our EPIC 2-Year Anniversary party is going to kick off this Sunday, May 5th at the Center on Halsted. They are kindly hosting our raucous shindig, complete with dancing ladies and casino games, as a budding partnership grows between us. But this isn’t the only amazing-ness happening for the CoH, not even the only one this weekend! May 5 th is proving to be a great day to show the community center some love and support, whether you’re looking for glitz and glamour or if a music lineup to make your heart dance is more your style.

Back in March, we were all captivated by the story of Michelle Shocked (singer-songwriter who once identified as bisexual), who went on a very public anti-gay tirade during a show in San Francisco. Almost immediately, venues started coming out in support of our LGBTQ community and dropped her from performing. SPACE, (1245 Chicago Ave, Evanston IL), was one of the first to come forth and drop Shocked, issuing refunds to all ticket holders. In doing so, they helped make a powerful statement about their values and the difference between freedom of speech and hate speech.

But then what? Once a news story is less sensational, it falls off the front page and often gets forgotten by the public. SPACE has picked up the ball and put their power where their mouth is, without any notion of benefiting from further “good press.” Quickly pulling together a benefit show for the Center on Halsted in place of the performance time once occupied by Shocked, they have gathered an impressive group of Chicago artists to entertain us with. While this move is not garnering the kind of media spotlight such things deserve, it is nonetheless a bold stance squarely on the side of the LGBTQ community. The Center on Halsted is one of our most valued local organizations, providing a safe space for all ages, and spanning programs from senior housing to job training to sports clubs.

The line-up for the show, this Sunday May 5th, has a little bit of everything and guarantees attendees will have a rockin’ good time. With performances by Cathy Richardson, Steve Dawson, Anne Heaton, Ingrid Graudins, Liam Davis, Emily Hurd, Stephen Leonard, Sami Grisafe and more.

To kick the weekend off even earlier and get a taste of what SPACE is offering, you can also catch The Sami Grisafe Band featuring Stephen Leonard as they headline the Cubby Bear (1059 W. Addison, Chicago) on Friday, May 3rd as part of their #SPRINGFEVER tour of the Midwest.

Tickets for SPACE, MAY 5th at 7:00pm:
$15 GA/$25 Reserved Table Seating
Buy tickets here

Cubby Bear, MAY 3rd at 9:00pm:
$10/At the Door

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