An Interview With Searah Deysach of Early to Bed

ETBSince 2001, Searah has been promoting a woman-centric view of sex while also providing a plethora of resources for any gender expression. In a time where the majority of sex stores stocked plastic pussies, vac-u-jacks, and cheap wanna-be dongs, Searah ventured forth with a mission to create a friendly, not-at-all-sleezy environment for everyone. While Early to Bed’s main mission is to sell safe sex toys, Searah has become a resource for the community for a variety of questions and topics around sexual activity. Additionally, she founded an additional resource, FTM Essentials, a non-sexual store specifically for trans men’s needs. Watch the video for a peak at one of the odder sex toys that has been delivered to Early to Bed.


Early to Bed –
Searah’s museum of screwy sex toys –
FTM Essentials –

Upcoming Workshops

Thursday, April 11
Great Sex Made Simple: Tantric Tips to Deepen Intimacy and Heighten Pleasure
8pm / $20 / Early To Bed / 5232 N Sheridan Rd
Many people think that studying sexual Tantra will reveal the arcane secrets of having great sex. In reality, there are no great secrets. Tantric sex has more to do with your attitude than with marathon lovemaking sessions, obscure techniques, or anything else. A simple shift in thinking is the most important element. Sex begins in the brain, and becoming familiar with a few important principles can make it easier for this shift to occur. Understanding these key concepts and incorporating a few techniques is a lot easier than you might think. In this workshop, you’ll be exposed to some basic Tantric concepts and learn some simple and practical ways to deepen your connection, both emotionally and erotically.

Friday, April 12
Make your own porn workshop — With Madison Young
8pm / $20 / Early To Bed / 5232 N Sheridan Rd
Tap into your own personal sexual fantasies and then learn how to manifest those fantasies for the camera! We’ll cover the basics of documenting, writing a script, casting, financing your porn, and getting your movies to the intended audience (even if that audience is just you and your partner).

Some things covered in the DIY Porn Workshop:
• creating a Mission Statement and Vision for your erotic film making
• how sex positive and queer porn is changing the adult industry
• putting together a shot list
• creating your own website, clips stores, and VODs
• distributing your own dvds
• getting your work screened at erotic film festivals around the world
• casting concerns, legal paperwork and other titillating logistics!
• and, of course, so much more!

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  1. Searah is such a bad-ass! She has been incredibly generous to a number of organizations I work/organize for, donating fabulous toys and products, as well as funds. You rock Searah!

    Posted by Cassandra Avenatti | April 8, 2013, 11:36 am


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