Meet the Qwere 2014 Erotica Calendar Audition Winner

winnerChicago, the race was tight but you voted and drum roll please. The L Stop and Q-were are super excited to welcome Kayla to the 2014 edition of Q-were!

See the contest here.

Meet Kayla

…A 24 year old classical violinist. You know what they say about violinist? Nope, we don’t either but we’re excited to find out!

This Pisces has a crush on Genevieve Schatz and right now is really into architecture and wearing light pink. Kayla proclaims she’d rather be talking about UFOs and building tiny toothpick sculptures than discussing who slept with whom last night. That makes Kayla the standup type but let’s see if we can temporarily pull it out of her.

Round of applause everyone! Give her a wink and a nod when you see her out and about. Yet, fear not other sexy individuals, Q-were is still on the prowl for more models!

Singles did you know Valentine’s day is coming up? Well we’re teaming up with The L Stop again to bring you something special. Stay tuned for event and more chances to be casted in the 2014 edition of Q-were. Check us out on on Facebook and Twitter (@pickleolivetaco) for all the info and other fun tidbits. You can also still purchase the 2013 calendars at .


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