Why abdominal exercises won’t deflate that tire around your middle

What!? Only doing my gold medal abs routine won’t give me a six pack like Alex Morgan? Grrr. The truth about fat loss is that you cannot target where you lose it. Only two things determine how fat cells (triglycerides) shrink and grow; genetics and hormones. That means you can thank your dear parents for the genes that help you fit into those skinny jeans. Hormones also determine where fat cells deposit. An excess in insulin for example, can lead to extra fat behind the arms. An excess of cortisol, the stress hormone, can lead to extra fat deposits around the waist.

So, what is the best way to lose fat then?


What you eat can greatly influence the hormones regulated as well as your glucose levels. Getting your plate in shape can be one of the easiest ways to begin your fat loss. Aim to eat a well balanced meal at every feeding opportunity. ‘Balanced’ simply means that there are good proteins, fats and carbohydrates on your plate.


Aerobic exercise is a simple fat burner especially when paired with strength training. Interval training has been shown to especially contribute to weight loss. This is due to the increase in RMR (resting metabolic rate) which increases the number of calories burned in a day. Strength training helps the body gain more muscle mass. More muscle mass helps contribute to fat loss as well as muscle burns energy (i.e. fat) even while resting.


Recovering well means getting enough sleep. Sleep deprivation causes a number of unwanted symptoms such as overeating and hormone imbalance. A study published by The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that loss of sleep contributed to low energy expended. Meaning if you slack on your sleep, you won’t burn as many calories the next day.

If you can get a handle on these three things you’ve got a great start. It’s good to keep a log of everything you’re doing that way you can keep track of your progress. Remember that the process is slow, so patience and persistence are key. Things get better, every day.

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