Gold Medal Abs

Did watching the Olympic Games this past summer get you thinking, “Man, I should get back into the gym”? This is a common reaction given the display of incredible bodies. But you don’t have workout like an Olympian to look like one. With the right diet and exercise you can shed away that extra filling around your middle. This core circuit is a great addition to any current exercise program. All you need for this is a set of dumbbells (DB) that weigh 8-10lbs.

Ab Runner

Start by laying flat on your back with legs extended. Sit up fully and drive opposite elbow into opposite knee. Your back hand should swing back, just like a runner’s motion. Repeat on each side for a total of 20x.

Reverse Crunch

Start by laying on your back with feet bent at ninety degrees. Bring your hands behind your head and you lift your head up (your hands support your head, they don’t pull it up). Your torso stays still, as your heels touch the ground and come back up. You should feel this in the lower portion of your abdominals. Repeat 30x.

DB Sit Up

With a pair of DB in each hand, lay flat on your back arms and legs extended. The weight should be behind your head. Start by raising the dumbbells forward, keeping your arms straight. When your arms reach past your head, begin to sit up without breaking the bend in your elbows. Once you reach the full sit up position, slowly reverse the motion and head back down. The speed is important, as you use muscles and not momentum to move. Repeat this 15x

Plank With Contralateral Raises

Start in a plank position by bringing your elbows under your shoulders and feet shoulder width apart. Begin by raising opposite arm and leg. Because this is a stability exercise it should not be done very fast. Repeat the raises for a total of 20x.

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4 Responses to “Gold Medal Abs”

  1. That ab runner sounds good. I’m currently working on the abs and I have the reverse crunch in my workout plan. I also recommend doing flutter kicks, side oblique crunches and bicycles.

    Posted by Inette | August 29, 2012, 12:35 pm
  2. Gold-medal Abs come from Diet unfortuntely. Doing a wide variety of abdominal exercises will build the underlying muscle, but first, a consistent cardio routine and a clean diet is necessary to strip the layer of fat most people have that cover those muscles up!

    Posted by Jill | August 29, 2012, 12:49 pm
  3. Would love to get your advice on dealing with lower tummy.
    I think I am not alone in saying that even when ive been in the best shape of my life I have never been able to really tone and flatten that. Ladies am I right?

    Posted by Casey | October 4, 2012, 2:34 pm


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