Sculpt the Perfect Summer Arms

Summer is now in full swing which means breaking out the piece of clothing that is a staple in any lesbian wardrobe; the cutoff. The cutoff can be as simple as a wife-beater to as fancy as a sleeveless tuxedo shirt. Either way you want to make sure your arms are ready for their big debut. Here’s a quick workout routine aimed to strengthen and tone those arms so that every girl will be asking for their ticket to the gun show.

What you need: A set of DB (dumbbells) 8-10lbs and a chair.

V-Sit with DB Curl: Perform a DB curl in V-Sit position (leaning back with legs bent at 90 degrees in the air) on chair. Repeat 10x together, 20x alternating curls.

V-Sit with DB Press: Perform an overhead press with DB in a V-sit position on chair. Repeat 10x together, 20x alternating presses.


Plank with Forward Arm Raise: Assume the plank position with hands resting just under the shoulders. Slowly raise one arm in front in line with head while your hips stabilize. The less your hips move the more you will feel in your abdominals. Repeat arm raises 30x total.

Plank with DB Row: Staying in the plank position, perform a single arm row. Make sure your elbow comes past your torso with each row. Alternate each arm and repeat for a total of 30x.

Repeat this set 3-4x, adjusting the weight to each individual’s ability. Try not to rest between each exercise but at the end of the circuit for 1-2 minutes. For best results, repeat this workout twice a week.

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