Nicole Pacent Interview

As we get closer to Pride, everyone in the rainbow community is eager and waiting for pride 2012. Of course, most of us in Chicago know of the Back Lot Bash, but this year’s music/comedy fest will have some big name celesbians hosting. Sunday will feature Nicole Pacent, star of I Hate Tommy Finch from Tello Films.

Nicole sat down with me to talk about a variety of things, including the last time she was in Chicago. Though we covered other interesting things, such as tattoos and kitties, you should be sure to watch the video for her response to a recent rumor….

The actress was so wonderful that it was difficult to cut the interview down to a small snippet. Be sure to check her out on Sunday at Back Lot Bash!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Back Lot Bash – Pride Day Bash
Hairbanger’s Ball 7pm
C-Factor 5pm
Diva Kai Band 4pm
Hosted by Nicole Pacent
Beats by Canvas
Click here for tickets

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