Midsommarfest Survival Tips

This weekend marks the 47th annual Midsommarfest in Andersonville. Its roots lie in the Scandinavian tradition of celebrating the summer solstice. This year, money raised on opening night of Midsommarfest will be used by the Anderson Development Corporation to “create a more sustainable business district.” You can help the community thrive for the remainder of the year with a modest $5 donation that gives you access to great food, drinks, music, and many exhibitors.

Be sure to stop by the L Stop booth just South of Balmoral for some refreshing entertainment. We’ll be there all weekend!

Here’s a link to the band schedule.

And top 10 tips for having a great time:

1. Stay hydrated! It’s going to be a hot weekend so drink plenty of water.
2. Pace yourself. If you starting doing shots at noon, you’re going to be passed out and miss some great bands and great scenery (the people parade).
3. Find shade when you can.
4. Sunblock!!
5. Find the guy who sells drinks in pineapples; add your own rum and you will be having the best time ever.
6. Sangria from Reza’s, and they will let you use the bathroom.
7. Shades & comfy clothes are a MUST!
8. Visit the L Stop booth regularly to meet the team and get refreshed. You could win something cool!
9. Wear comfortable shoes because there aren’t a lot of places to sit.
10. The busiest times of the festival is from 3pm – 9pm. Come early to avoid crowds!

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