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The amazing Katherine “Kat” Brooks has contributed to the world of film and television by way of writing, directing and producing. She gave us such hits as Loving Annabelle and Waking Madison (both films she wrote, directed and produced). Kat is back with another film, Face2Face, this time a documentary. Face2Face premieres June 3rd at Mann’s Chinese Theater in California. Keep an eye out because the film is soon to grace a theater near you sometime this year.

Face2Face stems from Kat’s need to connect with people. Social media has hindered the human race from communicating with each other face to face. Out of all the many “friends” she had on Facebook, she continued to feel lonely. Kat saw this as an opportunity to bring out the camera and hit the road in search of real reality. She posted on her Facebook page, “The first 50 people who say yes I am coming to meet you face to face and making a movie out of it.” She traveled the country to meet these 50 friends, documenting every step of the way.

At the age of 16 Kat moved to Hollywood to pursue a career in television and film. She found work in the world of television as director for reality shows such as The Osbournes, The Simple Life, Newlyweds and The Real World. She eventually left reality TV because it stopped being real. With this realization, Kat moved back to Louisiana where she continues to produce, write, and direct good quality film and television.

Later this year Kat will release another feature film titled Off The Record. In addition to writing, directing, and producing the film, Kat will also star as one of the lead actors. The film follows the relationship of a tortured rock star with severe agoraphobia and a music journalist, played by Kat. Off The Record is set to have a documentary/reality sort of feel to it. The film will explore mental health issues, intimacy and the struggles of a sexual abuse survivor.

Recently, The L Stop got a little one on one time with Kat Brooks. Here’s what she had to say:

The L Stop: What did you take away from filming Face 2 Face?
Kat Brooks: That I need other people. As much as I have been hurt by them, I still need them.

TLS: Do you still keep in touch with those you met while filming Face 2 Face?
Kat: I haven’t kept in touch with all of them, but a good many…yes.

TLS: How was the overall experience of acting in and directing Off The Record?
Kat: It was so damn hard. I don’t believe I will EVER act and direct again. But, never say never. Let’s just say I have so much more respect for what an actor goes through emotionally.

TLS: When will it be released?
Kat: It’s currently being edited and then will make its premiere a few months after Face2Face is wrapped at theaters.

TLS: What do you enjoy about acting?
Kat: The freedom.

TLS: What do you enjoy about directing?
Kat: The power. Not as in power over people, but the action and ability to make your dream a reality is fascinating.

TLS: When did you begin writing/directing?
Kat: I started in the womb.

TLS: You stopped directing reality TV because it stopped being real. When did you come to this realization?
Kat: When I was forced to make someone cry.

TLS: Out of all the films you’ve written/directed/produced, which has been your favorite?
Kat: Face2Face

TLS: What are some of your favorite films written/directed/produced by lesbians that you’d highly recommend?
Kat: I love the German film Aimee & Jaguar. It’s brilliant.

TLS: Any goals that you feel you have yet to achieve when it comes to your work?
Kat: Just waking up each day is an achievement for me.

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