Bridget McManus Interview

We Chicago Ladies are lucky to have a fantastic celesbian squad at pride this year. Of the many comedians that will be there is the very talented very funny Bridget McManus.

Now you may be asking yourself, What brings Bridget to Chicago? Why is she doing Pride here rather than in her homeland of California? Well firstly, how dare you question such an awesome gift from the Pride Gods! Secondly, Bridget has some connections here in Chicago.

“I worked with Christian Mel and Deb Mel,” McManus explains. Christian Mel is the co-founder and executive producer of Tello Films, a website for lesbian video content.. “I worked with them for a number of years…We became good friends and she asked if I wanted to do an event…Anything Christian or Deb asks me to do I do.”

In the last few years, Bridget has been busy, to say the least. She began working on a show with Tello Films called McManusland, a hilarious mockumentary series that follows Bridget on her struggling journey to super-stardom, as she blindly aspires to be the next Oprah.

“In season one the whole idea is to become larger than life Oprah, the idea that Oprah is the biggest accomplishment you can become. It’s kind of a comment on how people want to achieve that level of fame, when they don’t even know what fame is, they don’t have any talent and they don’t have any idea how. The idea that it’s going to make them happy but it won’t. That’s the unquenchable thirst that Bridget has.”

Don’t be fueled by the intelligent message, ladies. It’s still totally hilarious and full of Bridget’s glorious, outrageously inappropriate humor.

“I love working with the people at Tello Films because their goal is to become the lesbian Showtime online. So rather than having to go through lesbian websites and go through articles and romantic sections, they are just a video site. What they do is they make content created by lesbians for lesbians. Because they’re privately owned, they don’t have to censor themselves: they can do horror movies they can do romantic stuff, they can swear…I worked on Cowgirl Up with them. I worked on McManusland with them…I’ve hosted a couple things for them. They let me do what I want to do, as we have the same sense of humor, so we’re always on the same page.”

This weekend, Bridget will be at our Back Lot Bash with her dear friend, and fellow comedianne, Fortune Fiemster (Chelsea Lately), who she has known for a few years.

Bridget told me she met Fortune through standup in Los Angeles. “We did a show one night, and her mother Ginger was in the audience. Whenever there is a parent in the audience I go out of my way to embarrass them, say really dirty jokes, and make everyone uncomfortable. The next night we did a show. Her mom was there, and I knew her mom was there, and it was Fortune’s birthday, so I sang a really dirty song, kind of like a happy birthday song, but the lyrics were exchanged with ‘I’m glad your dad came inside your mom.’” And from this, the two funny ladies bonded. “Usually every Dinah, we dress up in leotards together.” So clearly they know how to have a gay old time together.

This is Bridget’s first Chicago Pride she’s very excited to be here. “Me and my wife are coming out. It’s more of a vacation rather than work.”

Join Bridget and Fortune at Mayne Stage tonight and see what good times in McManusland are really all about!!

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