An Interview with Christina Wiesmore, Morgan Hildebrand, and Jessica Reid

Pride is literally just days away, but Chicago Lesbians don’t have to wait until the weekend to start partying. As you may know, Back Lot Bash has added an extra day, making tomorrow (Thursday) your official opening day. I had a chance to sit down with Christina Wiesmore, one of the founders of Back Lot Bash, to discuss this unique night. We also had a chance to discuss why she left Chicago for the City of Angels.

Additionally her high-spirited roommates, Morgan Hildebrand and Jessica Reid, were by her side to discuss their role at the Back Lot Bash. Both celesbians in their own right, Morgan produces a CherryGrrl series titled “So Gay”. You often see Jessica by her side, though Jessica is pursuing her own career in an upcoming feature called “Living with Grace”. Morgan and Jessica will host Saturday at Back Lot Bash.

Be sure to check out the video to sample their work as well as hear what they think about the other Back Lot hosts. They even manage to bust me on a secret of my own….

Back Lot Bash

June 21-24
Click here for tickets!

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