The Challengers of Queer Comedy Contest

Cheering for the underdog whilst laughing your queer little booty off is a perfect combination for a relaxed Tuesday night to help you kick off the summer. This Tuesday night, May 22 , OutLoud Chicago, which is dedicated to finding safe spaces for queer stories, storytellers and audiences, brings the Queer Comedy Contest at Zanies back for a rollicking Season 2! Join the fun as an audience judge tonight at 7:30 p.m. and watch three new challengers battle against the returning champions of Season 1 for the title of funniest comic. Each audience member gets one vote, so choose wisely. This evening’s challengers might be the news kids on the block, but they’re stiff competition.

Rhea Butcher

Let’s meet the challengers! First up, Rhea Butcher! Rhea Butcher, co-producer of the new comedy show, Kind of Blue Comedy at the Hideout is a rising star in the Chicago comedy scene and slated to be featured in the upcoming Chicago Women’s Funny Festival in June. Rhea has performed in venues all over Chicago, including Chicago Underground Comedy, The Sarcastic Squad, and Entertaining Julia. Check out Rhea’s comedy here. Rhea shares a bit about her love of joke telling below.

When did you first get involved in comedy?
My mom used to regularly rent the comedy special “Women of the Night” from my local video store, Roadrunner Video, when I was about 6. We would also watch “Stand Up Spotlight” pretty every week. As for doing stand up, I started actually doing it in August of 2011 at Cole’s open mic.

Who are your favorite comics and why?
My favorite comic is Paul F. Tompkins. His comedy is smart, insightful and just the right amount of self deprecating. He also pulls off being pompous in such a sincere way.

How would you describe your stand up?
A mix of stories and jokes; I talk about how fun and weird it is to be a boy/girl in a world that doesn’t really want you to be both.

What made you want to compete in the Queer Comedy Contest at Zanies?
I wanted to push myself to the next level with my comedy and the contest is a perfect next step with Zanies being one of the top comedy clubs in Chicago.

Archer Coe

And in this corner, Archer Coe! Like Rhea, Archer Coe has been a bright new talent in Chicago comedy. His fresh queer comedy takes a note from his job as a drink-slinger at one of Chicago’s legendary gay bars, Sidetrack. He has performed at open mics all across the city, and is making his Zanies debut in this week’s Queer Comedy Contest. Unique and relatable, Archer’s comedy gives insights into queer culture while maintaining a universal perspective that is inclusive of all audience members. Archer shared his thoughts and experiences in comedy below.

How did you get involved in comedy?
Got involved in comedy when I was an altar boy and would crack the priest up in the middle of mass. Altar boy was the only job I’ve been fired from.

Who are your favorite performers and why?
Adam Guerino is my favorite comic because he is so funny and has gotten all of my good bookings so far.

How would you describe your comedy?
I would describe my stand up like awkward love making while your grandparents watch and critique your every move.

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What made you want to compete in the Queer Comedy Contest?
Just cuz!

What’s this? Another challenger enters the ring… and they’re sisters! Behold, The Puterbaugh Sisterz! The Puterbaugh Sisterz are legends in Chicago. Made up of a real sister act, one part Tiffany and one part Danielle, the Puterbaugh’s have performed all across town for years from stand-up showcases such as Chicago Underground and The Lincoln Lodge to quirky variety shows such as Entertaining Julia at Town Hall Pub (3340 N Halsted) every Sunday night at 9pm, which they host and run. You can follow Tiffany on twitter @Puterbaughs or follow Danielle @dputerbaugh. In their words, they “say silly things on the web, check it out.”

How did you get involved in comedy?
All my life in Chicago 4 years ago.

Who are your favorite performers and why?
My sister cuz were in an act together. I also admire anyone doing there own thing. Being original and innovative while holding true to what they thinks funny.

How would you describe your comedy?
Experimental ridiculousness. Its like watching sister act two with two lauren hills.

What made you want to compete in the Queer Comedy Contest?
I like being involved in comedy that contributes to the gay lesbian and transgender community. I also like performing for that demographic of a crowd they tend to think our sister comedy is funnier than if we were to perform on a bro-case for lots of bros.

For tickets, click here. $10 in advance, and $15 at the door with a 2 item minimum. The show starts at 7:30 at Zanies, 1548 N Wells. Street parking available.

Don’t miss it!

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