Our Moms Rock

A few team members would like to share their thoughts and feelings about their mothers today. Some included pictures, some didn’t. All are fine messages. From all of us at The L Stop, Happy Mothers Day!

Dawn: My mom is very accepting and loving, and taught me how important it is to care for family. She took care of my grandmother for years and made sure her final years were as joyful as possible. She deserves a happy and relaxing Mother’s Day!

Lauren: Like most women, when the time comes to sit down and reflect on your mother, it is as though you could write an entire series of books on everything from the lessons she taught you to your evolving relationship. If there was one single quality that my mother, Dawn, taught me, it is that of strength. Being raised to be a strong woman BY a strong woman is a very long and humbling lesson. A woman who has always been there to help me when I am down, she teaches me how to bring myself back up- and will always know the right buttons to push to get me there. My mom has always supported my decisions and passions, no matter how crazy they may seem- she believes in me when it is sometimes hard to believe in myself. I am so incredibly proud of my mom, and I don’t think a lot of us remember to say that often enough. I may not be a 7 year old making you breakfast in bed this morning, but you are the one and only woman on my mind today- here’s to you ma!

Lisa: One of the best things about my mom is that she has always been supportive of everything that I do. She also has a pretty great laugh that always puts me in a better mood. My mom is quite a bit older too, which means that I don’t get emails from her. I get hand written letters, cards, newspaper clippings and photos sent to me often which is really nice. She also has been really supportive of The L Stop, even though she doesn’t quite understand technology and exactly what we are doing with the site. But she checks in often and asks how my “magazine” is doing.

Casey: No matter how different I am, she reminds me that I’m worth something and never ever should I take crap from anyone.

Tina: There’s so much about my mom that I appreciate, love, and miss that it’s hard to even put into words. As a single mom, she worked many overtime hours, but she still managed to come to every athletic event, concert, or extra-curricular activity. She taught me how to keep an open mind. She also taught me how to ‘take no shit from no one’! She challenged gender roles by being among the first women to earn an expert marksman while firing a gun in the army (her plaque is still in Fort Knox!). She passed this on to me, causing me to call my grandpa a sexist when I was 9 years old. Not a day goes by that I don’t miss my mom, and Mother’s day is a bitter-sweet reminder of how much I appreciated her. RIP Renée, 2007 (she was only 49 years young).

Vivian: What I love about my mom the most is her strength. Being a single mom, she worked three jobs to support me and my sister. When times got tough, she just worked harder and made ends meet no matter what. My mom is my hero.

Karen: I can never thank my mom enough for all the love, patience and guidance she gave me. Widowed with five children at the age of 35, my mother raised us by herself. Aside from teaching me how to cook and how to manage a household, I think two of the greatest things she taught me are how to be completely independent, and to always be mindful of those less fortunate. A stubborn but kind and generous woman with a great laugh and sense of humor, I loved to make her laugh. I miss that most of all. I am grateful to have had Mom for nearly 48 years. Tomorrow she would have been 84. Rest in peace my dear mother Kathryn, and thank you for bringing me life and joy. ♥

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