It’s Our Birthday! Go on, SHAKE IT!

It’s official. We have smashed through our first year in this crazy jungle we call the internet. If we were a human child, we would have a head that is slowly getting bigger than our chests. We’d be just working off our baby fat. We’d have some snaggly teeth. Fortunately, we aged more like cats (not surprisingly) and we have maintained our adorable faces and sharpened our claws on some very meaty stories. We’ve gotten all precocious and curious and personable, and we want to celebrate WITH YOU! We wouldn’t have gotten this far without all of your support, and we’re only just getting started. There are so many more terrains to conquer, so many more people to meet, and so much going on in our community!

Because of all that, we’re taking a moment (or, rather, we’re taking an entire night), to let it soak in before we dive right back into the deep end. It’s a party you absolutely cannot miss! It’s our BIRTHDAY! Our first of many, but still… it’s OUR BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Our launch party was INSANE. It was complete and utter wonderful madness. Comparatively, that party was our baby shower. This one is our coming out party. Plus, it’s the perfect kick off to what promises to be an amazing summer!

So, what makes this party the event to see and be seen at? For starters, your ticket gets you in for 3 full hours of an OPEN BAR. We’re serious about helping our community, so of course we’re not doing ‘well’ liquors! See how much we love you? See how much we know you loathe hangovers? Well, we do too. The party is being hosted by the always intoxicating Tamale, and General Admission comes with domestic beers, Smirnoff, Bacardi, Jim Beam, Cuervo Gold and more! Plus, we’ve got crazy good beats all night from an all star lineup…DJ Canvas, Barbara Butch & Unisexy, and All The Way K! Amongst all this madness bursts a fashion show, a cake eating contest, a catwalk, flashing lights, and beautiful women. Lots of gyrating, sweaty, women. Upgrade yourselves to VIP and explode your senses with a scintillating performance by the incomparable Red Hot Annie, a private lounge, yummy snacks, more bathrooms, and a private bar stocked with premium liquors: Ketel One, Patron, Bombay, Captain Morgan, and more more more!

Special VIP performance by Red Hot Annie!

So come, meet the team, a new friend, your future wife, “yesterday’s hot hookup”, drink your fill and then dance it all away. Get your fingers typing, get your tickets, get your feet moving, get your butts on our dance floor! The launch party sold out, and no amount of bribery allows us to go over fire code (although we had many try…thanks for the love!)

Our madness kicks off THIS SATURDAY, May 26th, at O’Malleys Liquor Kitchen, 3551 N. Sheffield (just a quick hop from the Addison Red Line, or park across the street in the lot for a discounted $10). OPEN BAR runs from 9:30pm til 12:30am, but beat the rush and get there when doors open at 9:00p! General Admission $35 in advance, VIP $60 in advance. Stay all night and party with us, let us love you like you deserve to be loved, and travel home once doors close at 3:00am safe and smug; knowing you just had your socks rocked off.

Have our cake, and eat it too…

Click Here For Tickets!

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About Leah Schein

Leah is a born and bred Chicagoan, and considers herself extremely fortunate to be raised by amazing liberal parents in Logan Square. Coming from a long family history of equality activism, the crazy world of politics feels like home to her. Her upbringing allowed her to fully appreciate her love of tacos, and provided the support needed to be independent and insane. She is a happy survivor of the public school system, all the way through her undergrad years, culminating with a BA in anthropology. Her love of travel and all things adventurous led to the pursuit of a Master of Science from sunny ol’ England, where she happily grasped a conservation degree and ran off to live in a number of rain forests to research nocturnal primates. Through the amazing diversity she was fortunate to be raised amongst, she has an unwavering appreciation of all cultures and peoples, and has used this to form the foundation of her outspoken support of civil rights. You may have seen her running around Boystown/Tuna town over the last decade, or at events she volunteers at for the Human Rights Campaign. It’s possible you spied her at the Silent Film Festival. That strange woman getting into a wrestling match in the leaves on Foster Ave beach at 3am…that definitely wasn’t her. She couldn’t be more excited about sharing her love of science, and it’s role in our daily lives, with the community she loves. Nerds are cool, people. They drink martini’s too.


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