Putting FAMILY back in the Family Section at Wrigley

If the mild, perhaps even unseasonably warm, temperatures don’t already have you looking forward to summer already, this will. Out At Wrigley is just around the corner! The folks at MTM have created, yet again, another fantastic day at the ball park for us!

What’s that? You silly dear…you haven’t heard? Out At Wrigley is the most attended LGBT event in professional sports!!! And what an event it will be! It’s Gay Day at Wrigley. So, truth be told by the numerous south side Sox fans with their jokes…on July 14th Wrigley Field IS officially the largest gay bar in the world. We have a jump on the scoop even before the press release rolls out!!!

Out at Wrigley will be taking over the Cubs NEW RIGHT FIELD PATIO and another entire section of seats in the park. When asked what makes this year’s OAW special, co-founder and owner of MTM, Bill Gubrud stated “(We are) Out at Wrigley, but not out of Wrigley. Join us to be part of the first dedicated LGBT cheering section in the brand new Budweiser Patio Deck in the bleachers.” Previously, the right field bleacher seats were a family section that didn’t allow drinking and was reserved for families. This year we will be taking it over enjoying gaiety and libations a plenty! Tickets to the VIP right field section will run you $150 but include ALL-YOU-CAN-DRINK Budweiser products, soda, wine, and all the food your gluttonous soul can handle..and yes…a swag bag. It is going to be the place to be and be seen this summer and it will be covered in rainbow flags, fabulous people, and will be televised so…you can finally scratch that “be on tv” line off your bucket list you Adonis, you! You have gotta bet we will be drawing as much attention as the game itself!

Right Field Patio

The other ticket option is in section 237 and 239. It is selling for just under $53. The ticket prices are set by The Chicago Cubs, not the guys at MTM. So, because going to the ballpark can get a little pricy we are giving you plenty of time to save your nickels. You can feel good about your lighter wallet because part of the proceeds will be going to the charity you select to benefit. The Center on Halsted, Equality Illinois, and TPAN will all be getting a generous donation. But do hurry and get buying, these tickets will not be available forever!

There are approximately 500 tickets that will be for sale for the whole event and one hundred and seventy five of them will be for the VIP right field patio seats. You can buy your tickets through the Out at Wrigley website. You will also find information and the dates and locations for the different parties and contests leading up to the big day.

Kickoff will be at SoFo on Sunday April 29th and will be the first of the qualifying contests to sing the national anthem before the game. Keep your eyes peeled for the rest of our contest and party dates coming up both here on The L Stop and at

So, dust off your Kerry Wood jersey and get your rally caps ready. Dust of your cargo shorts and prep your best tank top because on Saturday, July 14th @ 3:05 pm the LGBT community is going to be Out At Wrigley and you are going to want to look good for the camera.

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  1. Let’s try and get some women to the game this year!!! Had a blast last year and would love to see more chicks in attendance!! Save the date people – this is going to be a day to remember!!!

    Posted by Kathy | March 1, 2012, 7:44 am

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