HER own day at Halsted

The Center on Halsted is having a special day to celebrate women. Did you know Judy Shepard is their Keynote Speaker? Judy Shepard is the mother of Matthew Shepard who was brutally murdered for being gay at the young age of 21 years old in Laramie, Wyoming. Do Not Miss Judy Shepard Speak!!! I don’t care if you’re hung-over from a Friday night binge, come out and be inspired by how this amazing mother turned her son’s death into a legacy of pride. You can make it after all it’s only 11am ladies.

I still remember when I heard Judy Shepard speak for the first time at Ohio University in 2004. It was election year, and Ohio was having a huge push to ban same-sex couples from having any kind of marriage rights. I knew it was a big deal to bring Judy Shepard over to little Athens, Ohio but I remember worrying that it would be so depressing. When I heard Judy Shepard speak I was surprised by her positive energy through the event, if only for just a glimpse, I saw through a mother’s eyes what beautiful life shown through Matthew. She must have been trained in public speaking at some point in her life because I did not pee the entire time. Judy Shepard is truly an inspiring it the way she has transformed the tragedy of her son’s death into a legacy to fight against all forms of hatred.

After Listening to Judy Shepard’s inspiring story, you can enjoy lunch and then choose your programming from there. With so many interesting topics it’s hard for me to choose, but I’ll be feeling sexy in my own skin, learning about Intersex people and their lives, and then settle down for a nice relaxing session of YOGA. All before 4:00pm, because I rock like that.

For more information and to purchase your ticket, please click here. Tickets are $12.

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Kimberly Rogers, LCSW. like many Queer Ohioans fled to Chicago when Issue #1 (most discriminating marriage ban in the US) passed by 75%. Now she works in the fight against HIV/AIDS as a psychotherapist and smarter-sex advocate. A Master’s graduate from the University of Chicago, Kim mixes her interests of gender, sexuality, queer politics, and mental health liberation into a her own Sex-Positive Psychotherapy Practice. She feels so fortunate to be working with such amazing and passionate people.


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