Have You Heard, We have Gay TV in Chicago

Have you checked out Gay Chicago TV yet? Log on and catch up on the news, local comedy, and the thoughts of women in Chicago. As their website states, “Gay Chicago TV is a refreshing look at real issues, real people, and real communities for LGBTQ people in the Chicago metropolitan area.” The website was created by Jhonmar Castillo in response to the “It Gets Better Campaign” in an attempt to take the mission one step further and show people the LGBT community and how it gets better. Gay Chicago TV gives everyone a look into the lives of the LGBT community and what can be accomplished if you stick it out through the hard times, push through the adversity, and discover how “it gets better.”

I had the chance to talk with Kelly Beeman, the host of Gay Chicago TV’s show Among Girls, and get a look into the show that displays honest conversation about the lives of lesbian and bisexual women in Chicago.

The L Stop: How did you get involved with Gay Chicago TV?

I saw an audition notice for hosts for the new network. I couldn’t be there for the audition but they were letting people submit video auditions. They were due that day at 6pm. So I had to quickly make one at work. You can see it here. I was very surprised when they picked me to host Among Girls, considering that my audition was comical and I’m a comedian. But it’s great to be able to do something more serious for a change.

The L Stop: Have there been any funny bloopers yet during filming?

No, I do everything correct on the first take. Just kidding. I’m very good at memorizing lines and saying them exactly as written and I’m good at making things up on the spot. But when someone tells me to say something like this is what the show is about and maybe say that we are in this business, I always screw it up. Those little introductions take forever for me. I’m looking forward to a show where I have to interview an ostrich. Things always go wrong when an ostrich is involved.

The L Stop: What has been your favorite part of hosting the show so far?

I love talking to the girls. Everyone has an interesting story. And it’s not very often that lesbians really get to sit down and talk about what means a lot to them. I feel like a lot of “gay culture” is centered around gay men. So having this show be just for the girls is great. And the green screen. We have a green screen where we take our promo photos. In the first episode we discussed stereotypes and I got to dress up a lot of them. What was seen in the show wasn’t even half of what I dressed up as. I really want a green screen now.

The L Stop: What can we expect to look forward to in future episodes?

Next episode we have 2 couples, one that is engaged and one that is married and we discuss what has changed and stayed the same. Our 3rd episode we’ll be talking with some of the major lesbian event planners in the area. I’d like to do a show about health and fitness. Something that specifically focuses on lesbian women’s health. And of course a lot of shows involving me and the green screen. I think I can find a space suit somewhere.

Gay Chicago TV also supports local businesses by filming in town and plugging the local business on their shows. So not only do they have entertainment, news, and shows to keep you informed, they also give back to the community. Watch Among Girls here. And keep an eye out for Gay Chicago TV’s cameras around town and check their website to stay updated on everything LGBTQ in Chicago!

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