Top Ten L Stop Articles of 2011

Here’s a roundup of our most visited articles on The L Stop since our launch on May 1st, 2011. Based on the number of unique hits per article.


10 – Your Uterus Can Fall Out

#10 raises a lot of eyebrows. This piece brought to us by Kim. Did you know that your uterus can prolapse? Yes, it can. Find out how to prevent it with Kim’s helpful and eye-opening article. See all articles by Kim. Click here.

9 – What… So Now You Like Women?

A thought provoking piece on late-bloomers by our newly crowned Senior Editor, Kathy. It’s never too late to be yourself. See all posts by Kathy, click here.

8 – Calling All Sluts

Slut Walks made the rounds across the nation and it also made the rounds around the internet. Fueled by a controversial statement by a Canadian officer who stated that women should “avoid looking like sluts” to avoid rape, Slut Walk made it clear that women will never stop standing up for ourselves. Is rape taken seriously by our lawmakers? Not as much as it should. Lauren covered the Slut Walk that happened here in Chicago. See all posts by Lauren, click here.

7 – Team Picks: Best Lesbian Movies

Tina took on the painstaking task of collecting all lesbian movie faves, make a list, check it twice, and ask the team to vote on the top ten. This was the result. To see all posts by Tina, click here.

6 – Really Dumb Questions Heteros Ask Lesbians

Casey lists some of the more common and rather irritating questions that heteros may ask. It’s clearly not their fault, this article may educate some of our allies. Please pass on. To see Casey’s hilarious-but-true posts click here.

5 – Christina Santiago Support Forum

The LGBT community as a whole lost a very important individual, Christina Santiago, who lost her life on August 13, 2011 in a freak accident at the Indiana State Fair. Recently, Christina’s fiance, Alisha Marie Brennon, won the battle with the state of Indiana to recognize their civil union in a settlement with the festival. Alisha Marie Brennon is a true hero in our community for her courage, strength, and the change she’s making in the world.

4 – Civil Union FAQ’s

Civil Unions were passed in Illinois on June 1st 2011. Ashley put together a great resource for any FAQ you may have about getting a civil union. To see all posts by Ashley, click here.

3 – No Day But Today

Kathy reminds us not to take each other and our days, for granted. To see all posts by Kathy, click here.

2 – Michfest and the Struggle for Trans Inclusion

Our most controversial article by a mile. Malic writes about Michfest and the trans inclusion issue. Even within our community, we tend to segregate. Can we ever come to a compromise? To see all posts by Malic, click here.


1 – Invisible Femmes

Our most visited article is by Dawn who speaks about the femme invisibility issue in our community. Queer folk come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and identities so why is it so hard to believe that a beautiful femme woman could really be a lesbian? To see all posts by Dawn, click here.


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