No schedule for gratitude

With the holidays all but a sweet memory – with the tinsel, mistletoe and egg nog lattes safely tucked away until next year – we race back to our ordinary, everyday, non tis the season frame of mind. And with the time of Thanksgiving and gift giving and resolutions all but a distant shadow on yesterday’s horizon – all those jolly, peace on earth and good will thoughts might have been quickly filed away by most of us. But wait a minute….not so fast…..

Maybe this should be that time of year when we should all take pause and really consider what we are grateful for. The time of year we turn to family and friends and muster up some sincerity, breathe deep and say those words we all too often leave unspoken. I don’t want to only be verbal about gratitude and well wishes and cheer for that Thanksgiving through New Year time – I want to be reminded every day – all the time….. where does a girl like me really begin?…..

I could start with the eyes of my children and the unconditional love and support they have always given to me. I am thankful for their laughter and their spirits- which continue to soar beyond any hope I could have possibly imagined as a young woman in my late 20’s who was making babies and wondering just who those babies might look like and who they might someday become. They are silly and decent, kind and ridiculous and they continue to be my greatest gift to myself and the world.

Lindy and Charlie –my mom and dad – yeah – the ones to blame!! What can I say about parents who let me be me – when it must not have always been an easy thing to do. I have wanted for nothing my entire life – they made parenting seem easy – and they taught me tolerance and acceptance at a very young age – in a time when tolerance and acceptance were not very popular things. They had four kids in five years – oh those damn Irish twins – and they gave us as perfect a life as anyone could ever hope for. They celebrated their 56th Thanksgiving together – imagine that.

Where would I be without my friends – my inspirations, teachers, partners in crime and adventure? The ones from way back in the day to my new and feisty group of comrades. I have been blessed and lucky to have friends who have survived cancer from breast to bone and taught me incredible lessons of humility and have reminded me about the fragileness of our lives and our connections to each other. There are the friends who dare to fight with me and keep me honest and put me in my place when I know very well I probably need to be put in place. They throw baby in the corner with truth and abandonment, love and honesty – and how grateful am I that they all love me in spite of myself. There are those who have stayed with me through divorce and devastation –waiting ever so patiently for my heart to heal and for my spirit to return to all its rebellious glory. I am so very thankful for each and every moment they have all given to me over the years – for without them – I would not have become the person I am today.

And in this new dawn of my life – I am grateful for this community I am discovering day by day. A community of women with hopes and dreams and intentions of doing great work not only for ourselves but for the women of tomorrow. I am thankful for their acceptance and so very thankful for the daily anticipation of all this authentic life will bring my way. I understand “family” in a way that I never understood it before.

I could write words until there were no more words to write in an attempt to express the gratitude I have for the faces in my life. I read the words I have written here and realize the obvious – the people in my life are my greatest treasures – and I am thankful for each and every one of them – each and every day.

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About K. Guzman

Kathy grew up all over the US - lots of east coast time. She is a surfer girl with an unabridged curiosity. A woman whose mid life awakening continues to bring her to the place she was meant to be. Her degree in Journalism/Creative Writing from the University of Central Florida is being yanked from the archives and put to good use. Her two kids are grown and rock stars in this wild world – her Harley is ready for some serious summer miles – and her heart remains open to life, women and the possibilities each day brings.


2 Responses to “No schedule for gratitude”

  1. K-
    Being a Minnesota girl where damn near everyone goes out of their way to wave, open a door, and smile at every single stranger on the street, Chicago has come to really bum me out. The only time it feels like people make the honest effort to do something so small yet so kind are the holidays. To me its not about the gifts, but the time of year where people- weather of not they mean it- go that “extra” mile.

    But for me I try to live everyday through the little things. Sometimes when I see someone sitting alone on the train smiling, it reminds me how infectious such little things can be. Its time to realize that taking that step- telling people that you appreciate and love them- making a meal for your friends- thats what needs to happen year round to make the difference.

    You have always been good at that K, and for you I am forever thankful 🙂



    Posted by LC | January 12, 2012, 4:29 pm
  2. now LC – why you wanna make a grown woman cry??? <3 can you feel my love??

    Posted by Kathy | January 12, 2012, 5:29 pm

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