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FRIDAY, NOV. 4, 2011 – 7:00 PM @ Landmark
Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same

Tired of the same old dating scene? With the same old lesbian faces, in the same old lesbian places? If you think the only eligible lesbians out there must be in outer space, well…you’re probably right. In the hilariously campy comedy, Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same, director Madeleine Olnek cleverly combines romance with ‘50s B-movie sci-fi.

Three aliens—Zylar, Barr and Zoinx—are sent to Earth with one mandate: to fall in love with, and become heartbroken by, a human in order to save their home planet from extinction. As the bald, monotone aliens (think The Coneheads) navigate the complexities of dating in New York, each one takes a different path to intergalactic love. Zylar parties hard and juggles multiple women. Barr readily embraces the emotional aspects of human life, like the beauty of the rolling tide and strawberry cheesecake. Zoinx woos Jane, a huggable, sweet stationary store clerk who doesn’t seem to notice that her date with the shiny pate is from another planet.

An official selection at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, this light, fun and quirky film remains charming while still offering deadpan joke deliveries and spot-on observations of lesbian life.

See this if: you’re in the mood for a romantic comedy, you like Ed Wood-style film effects, you need a good laugh

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FRIDAY, NOV. 4, 2011 – 9:15 PM @ Landmark
Hannah and the Hasbian

When a lesbian gets involved with a straight girl, there is always the fear that the straight girl might go back to men. If only that was the case for poor, trusting, formerly-heterosexual Hannah. A shy and practically virginal Uma Thurman look-a-like, Hannah is immediately taken with the charismatic lesbian, Breigh. Even though she’s never been with women before, Hannah doesn’t hesitate to give up her family and her religion to start a life with her new girlfriend. They U-haul it immediately and Hannah moves in with Breigh and her zany, straight, nympho roommate Dinka. But all of the intimate moments and late night talks of happily-ever-after come to grinding halt when Breigh makes a startling–and oddly nonchalant–announcement: she’s no longer a lesbian. Starting…now.

As Breigh coolly tics off her checklist for becoming hetero (she’ll have to break it to her liberal, hippie parents, after all), Hannah flips her lid and hilarious desperation ensues. Dinka, thrilled to have a slutty partner in crime, welcomes this unexpected change in Breigh. They hit the town as soon as possible in search of a man to break Breigh in, while Hannah, when not in hysterics, plots to win back her woman. With cute animations and flashbacks into the former couple’s courtship, Hannah and the Hasbian is a fun, fast-paced and outrageous ride.

See this if: you have an Uma Thurman fetish, you love Australian accents, like screwball comedies, you know a “hasbian”

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SATURDAY, NOV. 5, 2011 – 12:15 PM @ Landmark
The LuLu Sessions

How do you live life when you know you’re soon going to die? If you’re Louise Nutter: smoking, drinking and laughing your ass off! In the personal and frank documentary, The LuLu Sessions, Louise—an esteemed, workaholic professor who invented a drug that inhibits cancer cell growth—gets a phone call where she finds out that she has stage 4 breast cancer.

Her best friend, director S. Casper Wong, arduously films the last fifteen months of LuLu’s life, post call. The unlikely duo, both of them brilliant in their own right, have an intense connection that is not easily defined. They are best friends, but they also refer to each other as lovers. They have both maintained serious relationships with men, but consider each other soul mates. They have had many fights and times where they don’t speak, but also month-long vacations and a recognized dependency in times of need. Labeling their relationship as a “love affair” is as apropos as calling it a “friendship”…and it transcends both.

As the voyeurs of this touching love letter to a dying friend, we witness LuLu coming to grips with the inevitable, her challenges with making amends to friends and family, and her gradual degeneration; but also her utmost determination in soldiering on with her work and living the heck out of her final days. Through all of it, on a subject that scares pretty much everyone, there is definite humor, serenity, anger, earnestness, fragility, and tenderness. We are reminded to cherish every minute as Casper meticulously does on video, and we find that even a tearjerker can somehow be a feel good film.

See this if: you have ever been in love with your best friend, you love a good cry

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SATURDAY, NOV. 5, 2011 – 2:15 PM @ Landmark
We Have to Stop Now, Season 2

Winner of Curve Magazine’s award for best web series, our favorite lesbian therapists – Dyna (Out at the Wedding’s Cathy DeBuono) and Kit (And The Came Lola’s Jill Bennett) – are back for Season 2 of We Have to Stop Now. And don’t worry if you don’t remember, there’s a recap of Season 1 at the beginning.

When we last left by-the-book Dyna and quirky Kit, the couple was reveling in the success of their best-selling, marriage self-help book, How to Succeed at Marriage Without Even Trying, while their own relationship was crumbling.

Now, with a documentary film crew chronicling their every move, they must salvage what’s left of their marriage in order to keep up their public pretense. Between Kit’s freeloading and stoned sister crashing at their house, a very complicated-to-assemble sex swing, a lesbian cruise that reveals more secrets than they can handle, and the search for a new therapist (which includes a cameo from Meredith Baxter), can Dyna and Kit stop fighting long enough to fool their fans and recognize what’s been right in front of them all along? Episodes include “Sisterhoodwinked,” “How Sweet It is,” “Celesbianism,” “Q&A,” “The Truthyness of the Matter” and “It’s Not a Game.”

See this if: you saw We Have to Stop Now Season 1, find Cathy DeBuono and Jill Bennett hot, you’re thinking of going on a lesbian cruise, you fantasized about Elyse Keaton when you were younger

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SATURDAY, NOV. 5, 2011 – 4:00 PM @ Chicago Filmmakers
T’Aint Nobody’s Bizness

T’Ain’t Nobody’s Bizness: Queer Blues Divas of the 1920s exposes the triply oppressed (black, female, queer) pioneers of blues through interviews with cultural historians and vintage photos, footage and recordings. With lavish costumes and sexually suggestive lyrics, bisexual and lesbian singers such as Ma Rainey (who, though married to a man, got arrested for indecency at an all-girl party) and Gladys Bentley (a “bulldagger” in full tuxedo and top hat) were regularly shunned by the church and society for their rough and tumble ways. Playing with Difficult Love.

See this if: short films keep your attention, you’re interested in the rich history of a raw, underrated genre

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