Reeling Recommendations Continued

7:15 PM @ Landmark 2828 North Clark St.

Likened to both My Dinner with Andre and Before Sunset, the character- and dialogue-driven Trigger is a story of rock ‘n’ roll—and all of its destructive accoutrements—with a female twist. Over ten years after having a band ending fight while on stage, musicians Kat and Vic reunite for the first time in a tony restaurant on the night that they are being honored at a tribute concert for women in rock.

Right off the bat, unresolved issues and buried emotions dominate their awkward reunion. As they reminisce, it is apparent how each has changed…or hasn’t. Both former slaves to their vices, recovering alcoholic Kat (Deadwood’s Molly Parker) is now successful, pretentious and the epitome of pristine preppiness; while shaggy-haired Vic (the late character actress, Tracy Wright) still dresses the part of a rock star and lives with the same guy from over a decade ago, but has substituted drugs with spirituality and a new acoustic sound. As they candidly reconnect over the course of one incredibly eventful night, egos are lost, layers are peeled away, and repressed feelings are revealed.

Parker and Wright play well off of each other, each alternating between strength and vulnerability with tremendous aplomb. The film deftly conveys the difficulties of remaining sober in the face of the music industry’s trappings, and the struggle to keep your identity when the fame is long gone.

See this if: you like complex film characters and storylines about deep friendships

9:00 PM @ Landmark  2828 North Clark St.

Though it may seem like it, pimpin’ ain’t easy. For the sexy, smirking, Bourbon- drinking, soft butch Georgia (or Gigola, as she likes to be called), the shine is beginning to wear off. Maintaining your swagger can be hard work, and that’s not all she has to do! She is a friend to streetwalkers old and young, known to save them from their overbearing male pimps; there are rich and kinky elderly women she must service in order to acquire diamonds and sports cars; her pimp cane with the serpent’s head must double as a sex toy and a weapon; and she redresses and renames her new ladies more than Prince.

As she struts the streets in a tie and tails, making her place in the lesbian underworld of 1960s France, Gigola must also preserve the peace with her devoutly religious mother (who is embarrassed that her daughter looks like a “dandy”) and her opium-addicted father (who is always begging for money). Add this to her tumultuous childhood and the suicide of her headmistress lover, and it’s no wonder that Gigola is easy to anger and unable to freely give herself to anyone.

Spoken in the language of love with English subtitles, Gigola is pure pulp with hints of film noir, quick dialogue, naughty sexual romps and a lot of melodrama.

See this if: you don’t want to admit to your feminist friends that a little consensual roughhousing can be sexy, you l’amour des accents français, you appreciate the fine art of androgyny and/or butches in suits

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