L Stop Hangover Cures

Did you party a little too hard this weekend? The L Stop writers have a few suggestions on how to fight off that hangover, as well as a few tips on how to avoid it next time.


JennieThe Hangover PREVENTION:
Eat a full meal before drinking and snack in between drinks. Stick with one type of liquor– We recommend Pinnacle Vodka. And, absolutely no well drinks.

The Hangover Remedy:
Have some soup. Any type of soup. Soups make a person feel better.

Lauren Carter

A venti two pump shaken green iced tea served by the hot barista at Sbux, Sunglasses and Fresh air!



K. Guzman

If it is really really extreme – have to get to the shower – stand or kneel or roll into a fetal position and let the hottest water I can stand beat down on me.  Wrap my wet hair in a towel – sip a coca cola with lots of ice s l o w l y and pop two Excedrin Migraine…crawl back in bed and lay perfectly still and go back to sleep…..

Not so extreme  –  coca cola – lots of ice – Egg McMuffin – and sip the Gatorade until life returns…..


4 oz of Pickle Juice, 8 oz of water, 2 midol, and gummi bears or laughy taffy…all before falling asleep…you feel like a million bucks when ya wake up…I love my prophylactics.



Dawn Brown

Eat greasy food! But avoid one by not drinking cheap vodka and sticking with the same kind all night is even better. Preferably Pinnacle. 🙂




Grape Pedialyte and two Excedrin.




San C.

Pop a time release multi B vitamin, preferably before you start drinking, but after will do as well. Try some coconut water – studies show that it has more electrolytes than sports drinks. If all else fails, sleep that hangover away. For some odd reason, I eat TONS of pasta and/or rice to absorb the alcohol.

If you’re looking to prevent a hangover, chug something with caffeine in it before bed along with some water. It might sound counterintuitive, but the caffeine helps to speed up your metabolism, hence processing the alcohol faster.

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