Coffee Talk

Thanks Autumn

Hey there, magic fingerers!

What were you for Halloween?

Thanks Marisa and her hand sewn Octobeard

I hope it was something awesome.

I hope you got compliments all night.

I hope it was so spectacular that it could have competed with this little gem:


Isn’t he good?

Christ, the little glasses!

The hand-knitted Gyffindor scarf!  The tiny Quidditch broom!

Not a lick of photoshopping!

The Red Door Animal Shelter in Chicago had another “Hoppy Hour” to raise money for their programs, and I had another split-second of is-this-crazy-I-think-this-might-be-crazy decision-making to do about whether or not to go.

Guess what won out.

Thanks Ariel


I mean, ’cause – remember when Midgeon P. Bundlesworth wore lederhosen last Halloween?

It was so exciting last year that I was all set to take her again on Saturday.

My star!
My ingenue!

I got out the bunny carrier.

I filled it with nice fresh hay and went in search of Migeon P.

She was stretched out on the bathroom floor.

I bent down to her, shaking the bunny carrier enticingly.

Me: Midgie!  My bun!  Halloween time!  Ready to get allll dressed up?

Midgeon P. Bundlesworth:

I could not get Midge excited about getting into her carrier.

I actually couldn’t get her into her carrier at all.

Well, whatever.
That’s why I have two rabbits.

I went over to Timothy Maxwell Thumperton, who is young and stupid and doesn’t know better than to trust me yet.

He hopped into his cage and off we went.

Isn’t he glamorous.

A born model.

I’m sure my phone will be ringing off the hook the instant the agencies in New York catch sight of him.


Faggettes, we haven’t got time for the pages and pages I could fill with bunny pictures.

(There is a CD with 33 images on it of Timmy’s day at Hogwarts.  I’m just sayin’.)

Today we have work to do.

Thanks Ari A


Now, I know your guard is down.
I know you’re hungover and exhausted from Halloween festivities.

But that’s just where I want you.

Wincing at the florescent lights at work.   A little bit tender.


Because today we have a….


Alright, put your books under your desk and take out a sheet of paper.

No candy on your desk.

Or in your mouth, young lady, don’t make me write you up.

This quiz counts as 85% of your Homosexuelle Behaviors 1003 essay grade for this quarter.

You have five minutes.

QUESTION #1:  Anna and Lauren.

via keeliabuda



Anna, aged 21, and Lauren, aged 19, met at a their queer student union cosmic bowling night a couple of weeks ago. Each of them came with other friends, but they quickly discovered they both had the same snarky, sarcastic sense of humor and shared a fondness for elaborate dances when they bowled a strike.  They exchanged looks, then trash-talk, and, by the end of the night, numbers.  Anna and Lauren both admitted they thought the other “was cool” and that “they should hang out sometime.”

Anna texted Lauren the next day. They agreed to meet for coffee.

They are sitting inside a coffeeshop together as we speak, and neither one knows what’s up.

Is this a date-date or is this a friend-date?

Why or why not?


QUESTION #2: T.K. and Sonja.

by diana via fuckyeadykes


T.K., aged 26, and Sonja, aged 28, met each other at the trendy restaurant where they work.  Sonja had her eye on T.K. loooooong before she ever talked to hym, but T.K. always seemed too cool for school and was really quiet.  Turned out, hy was just shy as hell.

T.K. thinks Sonja’s fucking gorgeous, and they are just starting to joke around with each other on the job, swatting each other with towels and bitching about their shitty tables. Sonja suspects T.K.’s into her, but she can’t be sure.  She friends T.K. on Facebook and discovers something – T.K. has a partner.
Well, shit.

Two weeks later, T.K. asks Sonja if she wants to get drinks on their day off.

Sonja’s standing in front of her closet, trying to decide what to wear, ‘cause…

Is this a date-date or is this a friend-date?

Why or why not?


QUESTION #3: Jess and Meghan.

via heylk


Jess, aged 32, and Meghan, aged 40, met each other at their lesbian book club, where they’re re-reading lesbian classics, such as The Well of Loneliness and Stone Butch Blues. Meghan is a lawyer, a prominent LGBTQ organizer in town, and she has trouble finishing the books before the club meets each month.  Jess is a vet tech, very laid-back, and she has a huge crush on Meghan (and the way Meghan comes to book club directly from work in her power suits.)  Meghan thinks Jess makes fantastically witty comments during the meetings, and wishes she could read more into each book the way Jess does.

She invites Jess to a reading by a local dyke poet.
It’s at 8 p.m. on a Friday.

Jess is excited and takes a shower before the reading.

She shaves her legs, but…should she neaten up everything down there?

Is this a date-date or is this a friend date?

Why or why not?

Pencils down, homos!

Pass your papers forward.

Wasn’t this dreadful?
Wasn’t this hard?

Well, this shit is hard.

It’s almost impossible.

And it’s our topic for today.

How Do You Know When You’re on a Date?

Thanks Wade L


It’s a problem fairly unique to queers, and especially queers who date women.

‘Cause women are so gosh-dang friendly!

It’s problem so all-encompassing that entire books have been written about the subject.

I found this on an LGBT bookshelf at a thrift store by my house. It's funny. It never actually answers the question



Is it a date, or is it just coffee?

Is it a date, or is it getting-to-know-you drinks?

Or: Is this how you meet all your new friends, or do you want to sleep with me?



Ready for answers to the quiz?

Let’s wade through this manky, fetid puddle of confusion.

Question #1: Anna and Lauren.

Anna and Lauren are on a date.

They’re on a date because…

a) they met at a queer social activity and hit it off.

b) they were exchanging looks and flirting.

c) after the phone number exchange, Anna texted Lauren right away and asked her to go out.

d) both of them are hoping it’s a date.

Letter ‘d‘ is crucial.

Both parties hoping it’s a date can only mean one thing – they’re on an effing date.

Eventually, Anna and Lauren will figure it out.



*Dyke Folklore Time!*

Lesbians are famous for asking one another out for coffee.

It’s incredibly confusing, as said coffee often happens at night or after sustained, heavy flirting for weeks on end.

No one knows why this is.

via thenewquintwinism


The only reasons for this coffee business that I can think of are:

1.  No one likes rejection and coffee sounds casual.

2.  Homos are treating ‘coffee‘ like a no-strings-attached pre-screen for all potential dates, thus allowing them to assure themselves that the potential date actually is likable, cute, and able to hold a conversation before they move into truly committed territory, i.e. a real date.

It’s a helluva lot easier to blow someone off later if you “just went for coffee.

thanks drawingpicturesforyou



Question #2:  T.K and Sonja.


The answer to this is: FuckifIknow.

T.K. and Sonja both like each other, or at least find each other attractive.
They’ve been flirting.  They’re friends on Facebook.
T.K. knows hys status says “In a relationship,” and Sonja now knows T.K. is in a relationship.

And yet…T.K. wants to get drinks.  At night.
Alone with Sonja.


Thanks Hannah M



-It’s entirely possible that T.K. is in an open relationship.
-It’s entirely possible that T.K.’s lover is in grad school in Argentina for the next two years and T.K. is single ’till she comes back.
-It’s entirely possible that T.K. thinks Sonja is attractive, but is only really looking to further their friendship.

Sonja will have to go out with T.K. and ask hym to find out.

But I would dress like it’s a date, if I were her.
Just in case.
Boobs are appropriate for all occasions.

Thanks Morgan


Question #3:  Jess and Meghan.

Jess and Meghan are (probably) not going on a date.

I don’t think.

Jess and Meghan are probably not going on a date because:

a) they only vaguely know each other and haven’t spent any one-on-one time away from their book club.

b) Meghan is an LGBTQ leader in the community, and, like many good leaders, may invite folks to do things at a drop of a hat.

She’s a people organizer.  People organizers are awesome.
But you know what people organizers do?

They organize groups of people.

It’s entirely likely that Jess will get to the reading to discover not just Meghan, but the nine other queers Meghan has also invited.

Thanks Wendy M


I’m leaning towards “this isn’t a date”, but y’know, dykes are tricky.

It’s possible that Meghan really did ask Jess out on a date-date.  Jess really won’t know till she gets there.

I wouldn’t shave my chocha for it, but that’s just because I am an elegant and sophisticated lady.

via girlswholikegirls



It. is. hard. to. tell.

When a straight man asks a straight woman to do almost any activity alone together, unless it’s work-related, it’s usually a fair assumption that it’s a date.

Same thing if the woman asks the man.

They’re going to be alone together.
Society calls that a date.
Case closed.

But what if you’re a queer?

And what if most of your friends are the same gender as you, as well?

It’s hard to make friends when you’re finished with school!

We have to reach out to one another to get anywhere!

Thanks Kristen


Telling a date-date from a friend date, while a highly entertaining, scientific art, is sometimes just a matter of asking the other person what they have in mind, no matter how excruciating that may be.

Or you could try leaning over to kiss them and losing your balance and falling off your bar stool because they’re pulling back and staring at you.

Totally hypothetical.

So how did you do on the quiz?

The answers are obvs a lil’ hazy, I’m by no means an expert on this one.

Anybody else had problems distinguishing between romantic dates and friend dates?

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4 Responses to “Coffee Talk”

  1. you are killing me here – laughing out loud and wondering how you hit the nail on the head every single time you write …. I am an all time epic failure at this particular bit of business – but have no mistake about it – I have no fear of failing what-so-ever!! Great post woman….

    Posted by K Guzman | November 2, 2011, 10:28 am
  2. Excellent article! I have to say your quiz was perplexing. However, if you call everything a date, you’re safe. Some dates are romantic and some are not. Dress for a date because you might meet someone interesting as a result (if your date turns out to be a friend date) so it doesn’t hurt to be prepared. You just never know who you might meet.

    Posted by Karen | November 2, 2011, 10:36 am
  3. Absofuckinlutely on target! (Not the queer hating Tar-jay target) EVERY 1st date I’ve ever had w/ another woman since my first (which consisted of “get the fuck over here & let’s fuck 4 three whole days & nights) was coffee or “casual” drinks after work & even tho THEY knew it was a date, I was clueless. Even my present relationship of over a yr (thank u very much) started over what I thought was an innocent “I’d just like to get to know u, r u avail 4 coffee?” date. And each time after my practically non-existent gaydar went off ’bout mid-way thru these dates I actually asked, “Are we on a DATE?” cuz I hadn’t a clue. And yeah, what is it about coffee cuz me, I’m a tea-drinking woman. Does that make less of a lezbo? Ugh – more pondering…

    Posted by E.G. | November 8, 2011, 12:45 pm
  4. That’s a brilliant answer to an inteertsnig question

    Posted by Cactus | February 14, 2012, 9:26 am

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