No more Trapeze with Your Strap-Tease

No more Trapeze with Your Strap-Tease

Soooo my first encounter with buying a strap-on, I decided to invest in taking out the one thing people kept complaining about, the strap. No more fumbling to take it on and off. No more pinching and digging. The Feeldo was as my first real positive yet pricey purchase in Toyland.

I was one cheap-ass when it came to buying toys because in those early Ohio University Psychology years (Bobcats, not Buckeyes that is…incase you were wondering) purchases were measured in Natty Light. This toy equaled almost 5 cases of Natty (A whopping $80).

These days, I don’t hesitate to shell out $200 for the latest Jimmy Jane, because I’ve learned quality products are worth what you invest. But when choosing to forgo a parties worth of beer I had to be sure the Feeldo would work. Like any good student I did my research and read the reviews. I read about the value of silicone toys opposed to those porous cheap ones that cause BV and correlates to cervical cancer. The Feeldo stood up to all my scrutiny.

Yes, the Feeldo. The inventor, Mia, is actually family herself, designing this toy specifically for Lesbians and Transmen everywhere. I love supporting family when I can. And this one was a fully silicone, with an optional vibrating bullet insert. So I didn’t have to give up precious my vibrations fro a little strapless fun. So how does a strapless strap-on work?


The Feeldo - Giddy Up

Remember all those Kegal exercises you’ve been doing? Well now you can show off. The Feeldoe is surprisingly easy to keep-in, until you get excited. And you will get excited, because every movement is felt from the inside similar to the double-headed variety. So the Feeldoe does take practice, like every strap-on you have to break it in. I suggest running around your apartment. Make yourself laugh, while bumping into the coffee table with your new Toy. After all, if you don’t feel comfortable strapping alone, you won’t feel comfortable strapping with your partner.

So my one draw back to the Feeldo was being the young baby dyke that I was, I was not ready to wear something that looked and felt so much like I had an actual penis. I wasn’t ready to have such an extension of myself. While my penis was bright blue and clearly not transforming me into a man, it felt a little too real for my newly queer femme identified self. I found that I preferred the distance that a strap provided.

Looking further into the makers of the Feeldoe my experience made sense considering that the inventor is a trans-loving woman. After all, feeling like you have a penis, might not feel uncomfortable to everyone. In fact, for some of us we might feel like things are finally the way they should be.

Mia having gotten so many requests from the community recently came out with the Realdoe for her fans. It took years to create but the Realdoe has not only a more realistic soft silicone feel, it comes in flesh tone. Mia uses a grade of silicone that is safe in the body for 5 days. Now that’s quality.

*Quick tip: For those that prefer the fleshy feel and already have the Feeldoe try doubling up with lube in between. Why Condoms? Easier clean up between partners and Safer sex is smarter sex ladies.

As always be your own sexpert and find out for yourself what you like.

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Kimberly Rogers, LCSW. like many Queer Ohioans fled to Chicago when Issue #1 (most discriminating marriage ban in the US) passed by 75%. Now she works in the fight against HIV/AIDS as a psychotherapist and smarter-sex advocate. A Master’s graduate from the University of Chicago, Kim mixes her interests of gender, sexuality, queer politics, and mental health liberation into a her own Sex-Positive Psychotherapy Practice. She feels so fortunate to be working with such amazing and passionate people.


4 Responses to “No more Trapeze with Your Strap-Tease”

  1. Kim, there’s a few things your article omits about the use of the Feeldoe. First, it has those great little ridges in the right location for clitoral stimulation during sex. Second, and most important…when you are with someone you really love it allows a face to face intimacy that I’ve been unable to replicate with any other toy. The angle it works at is perfect for that whereas most strapons are best used with partners at closer to a 90 degree angle. The Feeldoe comes in more than one size…not every girl can or will want to try the big black one and some women will get no pleasure with the little blue one. I give it an A-. A must have in any girls repetoire!!!!

    Posted by Meg | September 2, 2011, 12:37 pm
  2. Thank you for feedback Meg. This toy does create a uniquely intimate experience, in fact my younger self was probably a little uncomfortable with how intimate I felt My favorite position with this toy was backwards cowgirl. Especially since it was easier to keep in place. The Feeldo is quite a good product. I didn’t rate it only because I felt like my own preferences, got in the way of being objective. I think we should invite everyone to rate their Feeldoe or RealDoe experience. Anyone try the RealDoe yet?

    Posted by Kim | September 2, 2011, 1:49 pm
  3. What are we talking about price wise?

    Posted by Casey | November 2, 2011, 2:19 pm
  4. Hey Ladies,
    The Feeldoe ranges in price from $82 to $112 depending on size, and vibration. I totally recommend the vibration option. The little extra cost is totally worth it. Plus if you don’t feel like it on any particular day, you can just remove the bullet.

    Posted by Kim | November 2, 2011, 5:34 pm

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