Now you Finally Can Have sex with your iPhone.
(4 Stars)

Yes, it’s true ladies.  Now your iPhone really does do everything.  The OhMiBod vibrator enticed me at first.  I thought, “Oh my God! Is this for Real?”  The idea that one can mix music and sex into a vibrator is like the Holy Grail for single women.  So I just had to cough-up the cash for one more vibrator at Early To Bed.  Hooking into my iPhone the concept hit my reality to the bass of Radiohead.  OhMiBod translates the rhythm and intensity of your favorite music into pulsating vibrations.  Talk about feeling the music, and be prepared to rearrange your music mix a little when you get this new gadget.  The OhMiBod comes with a splitter that allows you to wear your earplugs as you pulsate to your beats.  When my iPhone ran out of juice, I just switch tops for some old-fashioned solo play.  Now you know what to get for your favorite techies B-day.  After all, she does fix your computer, when you can’t stream your Netflix.  Then it occurs to me, “Does it also vibrate to voice?  After all its an iPhone.” Apple may have a new double meaning for Face Time because it absolutely works.  For all our lesbian sisters overseas trying to make the long distance thing work, thank you!  Just watch those international minutes ladies.

So why only 4 stars, if I’m raving so much about this product?  Well, I have the “old fashioned” OhMiBod (bought in 2009). I found the old generation OhMiBod to be a little cumbersome with the wires.  It is also pretty loud; which you may not notice if you have headphones on, but your roommate just might. seemed to read my mind because a new line of colorful wireless vibes has quickly replaced my wired and battery operated original.  But for those of you who indulge in the vintage over cutting edge, I find the OhMiBod to be an affordable solution to long-distance blues.

Has anyone tried the Better Than Chocolate, or Club Vibe?  Club Vibe apparently vibrates to music at a concert.  Could I get away with that at the next Queerer Park Dance Party?

As always you are your own Sexpert, I just do it for the Toys.

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Kimberly Rogers, LCSW. like many Queer Ohioans fled to Chicago when Issue #1 (most discriminating marriage ban in the US) passed by 75%. Now she works in the fight against HIV/AIDS as a psychotherapist and smarter-sex advocate. A Master’s graduate from the University of Chicago, Kim mixes her interests of gender, sexuality, queer politics, and mental health liberation into a her own Sex-Positive Psychotherapy Practice. She feels so fortunate to be working with such amazing and passionate people.


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