Dogs and their Lesbians

Photos by Torie McMillan

What is with these chicks and their beloved little pooches?? I mean really – Lesbians LOVE their dogs – love them beyond reason at times. They are their babies and their pals, their companions and their counter parts. No breed out of bounds and in some cases no number too many. They carry them in pouches and coordinate matching bandanas as they walk them through the city streets. They get down face to face and play kissy face and talk like that dog might just have something to say as well. Why do these women have to have dogs and why do they love them so much??

I hate to stereo type or categorize – but in my experience the lesbian community relishes and nurtures their relationships with their pets often times with more love and care than they would give their significant other! OK – this is just a slight exaggeration – but – NOT REALLY!! I have known couples who have actually allowed the dog to take over the bed while they each hang onto the edge of the mattress for dear life and no sleep. I once knew a girl who just couldn’t move the dog from her bed so she asked her new girlfriend to stay in the guest room. I am sorry ladies – but if it is between the dog and some good loving – that pooch will be on the back porch until the “all clear” comes through from momma. I love my dog as much as the next person – he gets his shots and goes for long walks and eats special yummy treats….but he does not get to jump in between me and a good thing – no way – no how.

Who is the third wheel here

Who is the third wheel here?

So I asked a very good, very Lesbian friend of mine, who happens to have a few crazy ass pups running around her house, what is it with Lesbians and their dogs? My friend with the pups put it in a way that made me stop my petty little quest for a reason for this connection between dyke and dog. She said that she thought that in a world of judgment and neglect, in a world of bigotry and long hard evil looks, these creatures afford a person unconditional love. In a world where angry judgment and nasty slurs are thrown our way day in and day out – how great is it to come home and feel all that love?? The love without need for explanation or reason. These dogs love their owners – respect the hand that feeds them and give them loyal company all the days of their lives. In a world were racial tensions, bigotry and hate for what only seems diametrical is so prevalent – these canines love their masters – without knowing what their owner’s sexual orientation might be or how society might pigeon hole them. I am not sure if this is scientific evidence – but in a way – doesn’t that prove that we are all truly the same deep down inside? Doesn’t it show that regardless of our hair or dress, color or brogue, girl on girl or boy on boy preferences, that we are all actually more similar than not? Doesn’t it prove that we all deserve unconditional love – no matter who we are in love with? I think it does.

I see it so differently since my buddy shared her insight with me. I am not going to harp on the whole lesbian dog thing going forward. It is what it is and I am good with that. A new perspective is such an empowering thing. It can actually change the structure of what we perceive and define a whole new reality for each of us. I am going to think on that as I walk my dog tonight.

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  1. love the pics on this blogpost!!

    and yes, i read this because i looove my dog too…

    Posted by Kara C | July 18, 2011, 12:48 pm

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