Special Report: Paula Brooks was really a straight man from Ohio.

Lez Get Real is Fraud You may have or may not have noticed that has been removed from our Newsfeed. It truly, truly saddens me to have to write this. One of our favorite websites, Lez Get Real, was run by a fraud. The editor-in-chief, Paula Brooks, is really a 58 year old retired Ohio military man and construction worker who said he had adopted his wife’s identity online. This woman had no idea this was going on behind her back.

Here’s where it gets tough. I exchanged emails with “Paula”. Back when The L Stop was building rapport with other lesbian websites, Lez Get Real, was a real contender for The L Stop News Feed.

I contacted “Paula” and she was kind, excited and very friendly. Why would I question this persons sex? If you say you’re Paula Brooks, my instinct is to believe you. Here’s a screenshot of one of our first exchanges with some info blocked out.

Email Exchange

Email with "Paula"

Not only does this person claim they are who they are, but then they go on to say they have Chicago connections to start building the special connection with me. This is manipulation at its finest. Makes one wonder if this person has a history of mental illness. This all became unraveled when we first heard of the “Gay Girl in Damascus”, a blog written by a Syrian-American lesbian, Amina Arraf, living in Damascus. CNN posted an article that she may have been kidnapped. Since there was a connection of this Syrian blogger to the Lez Get Real blog, many began contacting Paula Brooks for information. That’s when the real blogger behind Amina Arraf came clean. Turns out the man behind “Gay Girl in Damascus” is really Tom McCaster an America 40 yr old man living in Georgia who ran this 4 month hoax. He apologized for this on Sunday.

Bill Graber

Bill Graber

Suspicions then turned on Brooks who avoided phone interviews and communication. Today, Monday, the Washington Post was able to get Graber to admit that he was posing as Paula Brooks. Please see the Washington Posts full article and Autostraddle has a great article on this as well.

As I find out more about this I will update everyone. What about the rest of the staff at Lez Get Real? Was it all run by men? Is the entire website a fraud? Did any of the staff ever meet in person? Why are they doing this? I hope to find out all these answers.

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5 Responses to “Special Report: Paula Brooks was really a straight man from Ohio.”

  1. So, how do we know you are real? Just kidding. Its nice to get our news in the city from a website that interacts with the community.

    Posted by Meg* | June 14, 2011, 11:45 am
  2. The fact that he wrote “Fields Museum” should be some hint of fraud, internet fraud is usually accompanied by blatant typos… People with PHDs who are executive editors usually proof read their emails.

    Posted by Cooper | June 14, 2011, 4:57 pm
  3. I am a woman and a lesbian, you can ask my wife 🙂
    In July of ‘09 when I signed up to write for LGR with the tag line “A Gay Girls View to the World” I had no idea my editor “Paula Brooks’ was Bill Garber. I just liked the writing – especially Melanie Nathan and Bridgette LaVictoire. I had several long chats with fellow lesbian “Paula” and shared things that I would never have shared with a straight man. I felt great admiration for the deaf, gay, mother of twins… now I just feel icky. Linda S. Carbonell in her giggling, cavalier “To Our Readers” column makes light of the creep factor in this situation, offering little compassion and assuring readers that business as usual will resume soon.
    AS IF!!!
    I will continue to attend and write about the Brandon McInerney trial for the murder of Larry King. Until i find another blogging home, you can find the latest @ my Pink Triangle Anarchists blog that I am re opening –

    Posted by Mary | June 14, 2011, 5:20 pm


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