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If you’ve ever been in love with a best friend, and many of you have, then this film will take you on a nostalgic ride. The new hit feature film of Wendy Jo Carlton, titled Jamie and Jessie Are Not Together, debuted on June 18th at Frameline Castro in San Francisco. This film is Wendy Jo Carlton’s love letter to Chicago, showcasing the beautiful city we live in.

The first feature lesbian musical, Jamie and Jessie Are Not Together follows two best friends, Jamie (Jacqui Jackson) and Jessie (Jessica London-Shields), through a lesbian love affair. Jamie is two weeks away from moving from Chicago to New York to become a Broadway actress. Her roommate and best friend, Jessica, is in love with Jamie. The closer the days get to Jamie’s big moving day, the more Jessica tries to make Jamie jealous by sleeping around with other girls. This is where love, lust, and friendship find itself tangled in a love triangle between Jamie, Jessie, and Rhonda (Fawzia Mirza).

Unrequited love and the ups and downs of friendship lead Jamie and Jessie through this romantic comedy. Creatively written and refreshingly entertaining, Jamie and Jessie Are Not Together guides us through the emotions of a love affair between two lesbian friends. In the heart of Chicago, the characters deliver entertaining dance and musical numbers, which help the characters to express feelings they cannot otherwise voice. The story is relatable with its grey areas of intimacy between lesbian friends and ex-lovers. The film includes music from Tegan & Sara, God-Des and She, Sera Cahoone, Anomie Belle, Ripley Caine, Julie Neumark, and Stewed Tomatoes.

Not many films can pull off a romantic comedy/musical all into one. With its catchy songs and engaging story line, Jamie and Jessie Are Not Together is sure to be a hit not only amongst lesbians but also among anyone who’s ever experienced the trials and tribulations of loving someone.

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